Anyone from uk on here?..



  • andiechick
    andiechick Posts: 916 Member
    North East here :drinker:
  • West Midlands! ????
  • jimwon953
    jimwon953 Posts: 20 Member
    Yep - I live in Portsmouth.
  • JPlus_86
    JPlus_86 Posts: 6
    From Liverpool area :) Feel free to add me x :happy:
  • CraftyLittleRat
    CraftyLittleRat Posts: 5 Member
    English living in Wales, always looking for friends
  • MissBounceUK
    MissBounceUK Posts: 75 Member
    Hi! I'm from Portsmouth. :-)
  • a lot of negativity and mean comments I have noticed flying around these boards! I have noticed that none of them are from England though lol

    That`s the Yank mentality towards internet forums i`m afraid, everything must turn into a war...

    the trick is to remember with the internet is to believe nothing of what you read and only half of any photograph you see!!

    above all this is a virtual space and people have virtual personalities, usually the nasty people are the ones who don't practice what they preach, have spots and are mummies boys
  • Maryanne1923
    Maryanne1923 Posts: 53 Member
    from North East Scotland x
  • Welshgem84
    Welshgem84 Posts: 45 Member
    Hi from London!!! Feel free to add me, freinds on MFP are really helpful as I have found (British or American) they can be a great support when you have tough days or lose motivation.
  • ezyesta
    ezyesta Posts: 7
    Yorkshire. :D (FTW)
  • JennetteMac
    JennetteMac Posts: 763 Member
    Londoner now living in Somerset.
    Happy to be friends. I need them!
  • Kixshots
    Kixshots Posts: 74 Member
    Originally from England , recently moved to wales :)
  • Kixshots
    Kixshots Posts: 74 Member
    That`s the Yank mentality towards internet forums i`m afraid, everything must turn into a war...

    :laugh: that made me giggle
  • Fattackler2013
    Fattackler2013 Posts: 142 Member
    Yeah I'm from Bristol. Feel free to add me.
  • 1990sophia1990
    1990sophia1990 Posts: 225 Member
    24 from London :D
  • Good old sunny manchester here!
  • tashaa1992
    tashaa1992 Posts: 658 Member
    I'm from swindon, had a big break from mfp but I'm back:)
  • 48 , Surrey UK
  • EmoJew
    EmoJew Posts: 94 Member
    I'm in Belfast. Anyone can add me =]
  • jobegone
    jobegone Posts: 91
    Northern Irish but living in Liverpool for the last (almost) 10 years !!!