Personal Trainer food meal plan, has anyone tried?



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    Ate 2 months of Personal Trainer Food (lunches and dinners only). My take:

    food tasted really good
    convenient for people who dislike cooking (like me)
    cooks up quickly (2-3 mins)
    makes it very clear when you are eating more than you planned.
    low calorie but filling

    The breakfasts were lack luster: eggs, eggs, eggs, and more eggs...
    the snacks (almonds, cheese and beef sticks) can be bought at the store for cheaper
    Very low calorie - even the instructional videos they send do not recommend more than light exercise
    Brand marketing as "paleo-friendly". I find that misleading
    High-sodium items (chicken sticks in particular)

    In the end I decided to try to doing this on my own. I can see myself buying another month of food at some point, but not as my go-to diet plan every month.
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    I find it intersting that everyone is saying this is so expensive. With the Groupon, it is about $3 a meal- Who is able to eat, premade, healthy, convenient meals for $3? (Even without the Groupon, it would be 4.35 per meal) I did Jenny Craig a few years ago and I average $125 a week, and I still had to buy tons of groceries because their plain includes salads and vegetable you have to prepare on your own. Jenny and WW are also processed foods. PTF are flash frozen, fresh foods. VERY different from preservative filled TV dinners like Jenny, WW and Lean Cuisine, and Nutrisystem is pantry foods, not even frozen, so you can imagine the preservatives in that!.
    I am just starting my plan now, I had my first meal, for lunch, it was tasty (and the meats are good sized, unlike Jenny and WW) and I am full..
    I am hopeful and will post more updates along the journey! Good luck to everyone on a similar journey!
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    I use the PTF, but not with their plan. I am losing weight and inches by flooding my body with nutrition rather than starving. I take two protein shakes each day and a healthy 400-600 calorie meal (lunch or dinner) plus snacks. I use the PTF either as part of that one 400-600 calorie meal, an extra meal when I go to the gym or as a back-up meal in the event I'm not home long enough to cook something before I need to eat. Keeping food in the house that is quick, easy and not 'fast food' has helped me stay on track. It also takes up less freezer space than other frozen dinners. Cleansing on the cellular level is built into the plan I use. I'm super excited and am losing excess weight, but the best part for me is that my energy is through the roof! I gave PTF 5-stars on Amazon. I did buy it with a Groupon.
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    I want to try it and just reviewing the comments about it. I usually eat the way the food program is designed but for some reason I am not losing weight. I think it has to do with portion control. I did Medifast about 4 years ago and had great success and gained all of it back (about 40 lbs) even through clean eating and exercise (4-6 days a week). Now my work outs consist of Crossfit (4-5x a week) and I am still gaining :( I am going to meet with a nutritionist today and talk to her about this program.
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    I'm a Personal Trainer and this AIN'T my food.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I tend to eat food I make and buy at the market.

    It's like any pre prepped meal teaches one NOTHING about how to prep their own food or how to actual portion it and understand how many macro/micros ones needs on a daily basis. Just another "Nutrisystem", "Jenny Craig", "Medifast" etc. program with a fancy name to try to give it credibility.

    A.C.E. Certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer
    IDEA Fitness member
    Kickboxing Certified Instructor
    Been in fitness industry for 30 years and have studied kinesiology and nutrition
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    This is my first week with PTF. My wife is on her 2nd or 3rd week. So far we love the food and convenience.

    I find it particularly funny that people criticize meal plans because of many things..

    1. You can buy and make this yourself.. it will be cheaper..
    No, no it wont. Yes, buying the ingredients will be maybe half the cost? But what about the time to prepare the meals? I have about 15 or more different meals for the month, 15 or more different veggies mixes. I do not have the time to sit and cook 30+ different meals for me to cook and then freeze. Plus shop for all the other ingredients to make the food and make sure they are the right healthy one. Plus, you have to learn the recipes and learn to cook them. How long would it take you to learn, prepare, cook, store 30+ different meals?
    Great, I see many personal trainers say they can do it, sure.. that's your job. You do it all day everyday. Just because I know how to work on my car doesn't mean I don't take it to a mechanic when I want it done faster and most often better.
    For me? I don't care nor do I want to do the preparation. If people were that self sufficient, they wouldn't be using a personal trainers.

    2. People are very caught up on the calorie thing.. its not about the calories, its about the food. I would rather eat a good portion of food that will burn rather than store for fat.

    We do the lunch and dinner plans. We make our own breakfast. Usually consists of 2-3 eggs. Scrambled or omelet. Put a little cheese, bacon, onions, tomatoes, or whatever other healthy veggie is in the fridge. That sets us up for most of the day and feel fine until lunch.

    First week, well 5 days, I started on a Monday and its Friday. I have gone from 191 (or around) to like 184. Mostly water. But cutting out sugars, rice, soda was a big part of that initial loss.
    My wife is at about a little over 10 lbs lost. Down to 14x from 15x. I don't remember the exact numbers. One of those things I tone out.

    I believe a lot of it is mental than physical. You have to want it to work and have to really stick to "reasonable" meals. Either it be on PTF or your own. For people with the time on their hands and the skills, this may not be the option for them or maybe a good option to start with to see the portion and types of food. But for people like me and my wife? Best option for us. We don't have the time nor the patience to cook prepare and store all the food.
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    Thanks for sharing, did you see a weight-loss?
  • dayybugg
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    Not sure you if you posted a follow up, but how did it go?
  • lost 42 pounds in 28 days...have to do all the way and no cheating...workout is a PLUS++++
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    I just started this on Wednesday, and already I've noticed results. The vegetables are really really fresh, and the chicken entrees have been delicious! This doesn't taste like diet food, and are way better than lean cuisines or anything like that. The main reason I decided to buy a plan was because I had a groupon (like many have mentioned) so it came out pretty inexpensive ($3.50 a meal? I spend double that on fast food sometimes on my lunch break!) I work full time and have a really busy life outside of work so cooking isn't always an option and I end up eating out a lot. I'm also not the best at portion control. So, basically, I decided to spend money on the convenience of this diet.

    The first few days I had cravings for all of the carbs I wasn't allowed to have, but they've since quieted a little. I ordered just the lunches and dinners, so I cook a few eggs at a time in the beginning of the week and grab one for breakfast each morning, and then snack on either a handful of nuts or a few slices of cheese. I don't feel starved or anything either. I know some people mentioned not having enough calories, but the thing is, they tell you you can eat as much as you want of additional proteins. If you don't think you've had enough calories in a day, add an egg to each meal, or a few pieces of lunch meat or something. I actually really like this whole not counting calories thing.

    I know some have mentioned on here that they've had bad experiences with customer service, but I just actually had a great experience. I received my box last week and a few of the meat items (brisket and steak fajita strips) were very fatty and almost inedible. I just got around to chatting with someone on their website, and they're shipping me replacements for the items I was unsatisfied with (they called it a "goof box"). Mistakes happen, I don't expect any product or service to be perfect, but I really appreciate any company that can admit that and rectify the issue.

    Anyway, for those of you starting it I hope it works! I'll be sure to come back and update you on my own progress!
  • I just started personal trainer food about four days ago. I got it
    With a coupon on groupon because with out it's pricey. Ok so I'm going to start wth the
    Pros: pretty tasty food
    Fast responding health coaches
    Lots of detailed information of papers that come with the food
    Already seeing results
    Great way to get on track with eating healthy and getting into the habit

    Cons: what I didn't like is the coaches and instructions would say don't eat after 9pm or more then your daily allowed snacks but
    Then it would say you can eat when your hungry
    Also it said you can eat as much eggs as you want and "leftover" meat which I found weird and also you can eat sausage and any kind of pig meat which is not healthy.
    Also the breakfast they recommend is eggs every day and if you have a high Cholesterol I do not recommend this and eating the yolk.
    Also some there foods are very salty I had to cut
    All those out of my meal when I ordered .

    Overall it's a good program if you have tried on your own and need an extra push to get on the right track. They don't allow a lot of things but meat salad and veggies and one apple but like I said it's a healthy and strict program but it works. And it made me relieze my daily portions were way to large and carb intake was to high. It has a few glitches but I would recommend it but be aware of the cons.
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    Good deal...I hope I get the same results :-)
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    I just started the plan -- also with a coupon! The food tastes surprisingly good but I am wondering about the sodium. I'm doing it b/c I've lost sense of portion control and because it is so darn easy to prepare. I will let you know how it goes but so far it seems very doable and useful, especially as a jumpstart.
  • Absolutely disgusting!!! The meat is full of fat, grizzle and maybe bones. When the meat comes out of the microwave, the bag is full of grease. I couldn't believe how low quality of meat they expect a human to eat. It's like they throw a whole chick in the grinder and then mold it into an edible looking shape. I'd rather eat McDonalds! Wouldn't waste my money.
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    That's amazing tdromero1971!!! I just ordered it, am excited to lose some lbs!! I lost 45 lbs 10 years ago; maintained my weight and the loss until recently. Unfortunetly, in the last two years the scale has continued to go up & up, AUGH. I hope this jump starts a new lifestyle, my motivation and sets a new tone not only for this Summer but in general. I need it; up 35lbs & hate myself :(
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    I'm on my seventh week of PTF and I love it. Very tasty!! I hate to cook so this is perfect for my lifestyle. Also, after being on the road for 1.5hrs coming home, I used to grab a pizza or anything through a drive through so I could have instant satisfaction.

    Now, I'm down 17 lbs, (14 since I got back on here) I'm off sugar and I'm off processed foods. I've never felt so great.

    Before starting PFT, I got rid of everything in my kitchen (food) and gave it to my parents. They knew I was serious when I did this. SInce the day I was born, I was addicted to sugar. I never went 30 seconds without sugar and now, I have gone almost 45 days. I feel so empowered.

    Also, they have a loyalty plan so the second batch of food wasn't as expensive and the third and fourth will even be cheaper. My goal is to do this for about four months and then start to cook my own food a week at a time.
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    I am now on day 3 of the diet. I love the food and the plan. Actually cannot finish an entire meal in one sitting so space it out. I lost 90# 3 yrs. ago and during the last 6 months regained 25# due to antidepressants and less activity [I'm an RN used to running around 12 hrs. a day, but was out on leave of absence taking care of my terminally ill Dad at home]. Now going back to work in July since my sweet Dad passed and want to fit back in my small scrubs!].

    BTW: I bought the lunch/dinner program and used the Groupon as many have. Still the price of the food is much less expensive and of better quality than what I would buy/prepare at home.Working such long hours and sometimes not being able to break away to go eat makes having the convenience of health, quickly prepared food is a lifesaver. I have eggs and maybe breakfast sausage patty for breakfast

    I'll keep ya'll posted!
  • Hello all, I am on day day 6 or PTF. So far the food has been good. There are a couple items I won't reorder but I think that's to be expected and you do have many many choices. I have been surprised at how good the veggies have been, seem fresh and taste good.

    I am 6'1" and started at 205 with 19% BF. I have been tracking calories really closely and find I have to supplement with at least one if not two protein shakes and a couple hard boiled eggs ( goal is 21-2400 calories) . After my workouts I'm showing a caloric deficit around 3-400 which is in line with my goals. I am looking to shed 10-12 lbs and mostly concerned with BF%. The plan says not to weigh yourself for 2 weeks and I have been following the suggestion ( unlike my GF on Medi-fast who weighs herself daily if not 2-3x's... LoL ) . Anyhow, what I have noticed is that jeans that were snug a week ago have some room in them now and I'm starting to see some abs starting to poke out which is exciting for a 51 y/o guy..

    Before trying PTF I was a 90% paleo guy but found shopping and preparing meals a real drag so this has been a real treat and seems a good way to shed those last stubborn pounds. As far as how I feel, the first couple days I went through carb with-drawls which have been really an issue for me in the past. For me at least this has been something I can stick with, which is super cool...

    I will update my progress at the 2 week mark so wish me luck...

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    Just ordered mine today. Should be getting here Thursday, June 26th. Here's a $50 off coupon code they emailed me for a friend to use… Best of luck to everyone on it. I am going to try and keep this chat board updated with my results.
  • My wife and I are going on 7 MONTHS with PTF! All my new clothes for Christmas no longer fit. I've lost 15-18lbs (various during vacations, weddings, etc.), but have been consistently 3 inches smaller on my waist. I had to buy new pants!

    My wife is a Professor, Author, Speaker and travels the country frequently. I am in a doctoral program so we are both super busy. The convenience is the seller for us. Could we do this cheaper? Probably, but time is much more valuable for us.