Worst liquor you've ever had?



  • bellesouth18
    bellesouth18 Posts: 1,069 Member
    Mogen David 20/20 aka Mad Dog 20/20. That stuff put me in the hospital.

    I know it's a wine and not liquor, but it's bad!
    Also have to mention Sake. Yikes.
  • DopeItUp
    DopeItUp Posts: 18,772 Member
    Most kinds of Absinthe that I've tried. There are a few good ones.
  • _MG_
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  • oc1timoco
    oc1timoco Posts: 272 Member
    I know I'm not spelling it correctly but while I was in Chile we drank Pisco Sour .
  • Illini_Jim
    Illini_Jim Posts: 419 Member

    Yup! Nasty stuff...

    Crazy talk....Gin rules!
  • tedrickp
    tedrickp Posts: 1,229 Member
    Seriously - what is summer without G&T's!?!
  • bjg2993
    bjg2993 Posts: 107
    Home-made hungarian palinka.
  • TravelDog14
    TravelDog14 Posts: 317 Member
    Hands down, Everclear.
  • tmm_0127
    tmm_0127 Posts: 545 Member
    Cotton candy vodka ... @_@

    There's a drink @ TGI Friday's that my coworkers ordered for me because I love pink ... we were at the bar so I watched the bar tender make it - he tore off a chunk of cotton candy from a bag, put it in a martini glass, poured cotton candy flavored vodka over it, and I watched it dissolve.

    It was like eating cupcake frosting that was overkill on the sweet. My throat hurt but I drank it all, and I'm so glad it didn't come back up, but it certainly tried.
  • The_Aly_Wei
    The_Aly_Wei Posts: 844 Member
    Toss up between Mad Dog 20/20 (any flavor) and the my best friend's mom homemade muscadine wine which tasted a lot like the previous...

    Ohhhh mad dog...the first bottle is terrible, the second fools you into thinking it may taste kinda fruity and decent, and the third/fourth/fifth bottle seals the fate that you WILL throw up.

    Mscadine in my opinion is delicious. Tomato wine makes me fan my mouth with my hand as if the taste will magically go away. Terrible.
  • fannyfrost
    fannyfrost Posts: 756 Member
    I have had a few things

    Whipped Cream flavored Vodka (OMG that was totally gross)
    Mad Dog 20/20
    I also had this yellow looking alcohol in a very tall bottle, don't remember the name, it was like 30 years ago, but it was like drinking syrup.
  • starznholes
    starznholes Posts: 170 Member
    Tequila is my liquor of choice, but Jose Cuervo is pretty bad.

    Any of the bootleg cheap-o vodka is nasty as well.
  • siratlas
    siratlas Posts: 239 Member
    afterglow, revs, desperados tequila beer, moonshine & after my college days, colt 45.
  • siratlas
    siratlas Posts: 239 Member
    birthday cake vodka is pretty horrid too!
  • devilwhiterose
    devilwhiterose Posts: 1,157 Member
    Pine needles...I mean...gin. Blech! :sick:
  • EDollah
    EDollah Posts: 464 Member
    In southern Africa, I had something named Chibuku. The best, most generous adjective I have for it: chunky.
  • DiannaMoorer
    DiannaMoorer Posts: 783 Member
    Store bought sangria. Sickly sweet and totally gross!
  • littlebutlean
    littlebutlean Posts: 2,159 Member
    I've had some pretty terrible dirt cheap tequila .. the stuff they hand out at the beaches for free pretty much. I'm sure you could run your car off it.
  • jasonmh630
    jasonmh630 Posts: 2,850 Member
    Starbucks liquor, disgusting, anything chocolate that has liquor in it is gross...except the candies, but that is an exception!

    Have you ever tried chocovine? It's basically chocolate milk with liquor in it. It's pretty badass.

    Worst for me, though is Montezuma Tequila.