What is your favorite workout music?

I need to update my Ipod with some new workout music to keep me motivated. What are your favorite workout songs? I currently have it loaded with my favorite songs but they are definately not great workout songs. I need upbeat and high energy. I love love some new ideas...Thanks for your help :smile:


  • Amy4President
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    Try to pick songs with 120BPM or greater. Here's a good list with some of my favs on it:

  • Junctionbox
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    I Fought the Law by the Clash.
  • Marcel182
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    Lately I've been listening to older dance tracks that have that perfect beat for when you're doing squats, steps, knee lifts. Here are some examples :

    - Bomfunk MCs : "Uprocking Beats", "B-Boys & Flygirls", "Stir Up The Bass"...
    - DJ Quicksilver : "Free", "Adagio", "Back On Track"...
    - ATB : "The Summer", "Don't Stop", "I Will Not Forget", "Feel Alive"...
    - Scooter : "Nessaja", "I'm Raving", "The Question Is, What Is The Question"...

    When I'm in the mood for non-electronic music, I go for rock/punk/metal songs that really
    get my blood pumping.

    Here are some rock songs with great beats :

    - Bloc Party : "Banquet"
    - Enter Shikari : "Destabilise" (pretty heavy but with a nice quiet part in the middle, to catch your breath!)
    - My Chemical Romance : "Planetary (GO!)"
    - AFI - "The Missing Frame"

    Try doing aerobic steps or weighted punches to those songs for 30 minutes (i.e. add them to a YouTube playlist) and I guarantee you'll work up a nice little sweat.

    Oh, and if you want to go absolutely nuts, try this :
    Travis Barker feat. Steve Aoki : "Misfits"
  • Livin4me1969
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    Thanks!!! I will check them out...:drinker:
  • Flacachica
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    This is great! I just posted a similar topic to one of my groups... I will definitely use these suggestions.

    thank you!
  • aarondnguyen
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    Jorge Quintero - 300 Violin Orchestra

    This song is so motivating, even if I hear it while I'm on the john, I feel like I'm deciding the fate of the world. Seriously though, this track is a definite must for EVERYONE.
  • Allimaester
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    More by Usher is my favorite song to start off a good long run with! It completely pumps me up and puts me in the perfect mindset to take on the run full force!
  • Drkchyld
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    Lots of reggae and reggaeton
  • Albums featuring really thick beats for intense cardio:

    The Teaches of Peaches – Peaches
    Balkan Beat Box – Balkan Beat Box
    Sex Dreams and Denim Dreams – Uffie

    On rotation:
    Asap Rocky, Azealia Banks, Santogold, Chicks on Speed, Diplo, Kanye West, Pharrel, Cibo Matto

    I don't usually like death metal, but I like listening to Slayer when I run for some reason.

    Bumping because I want mo' recommendations too
  • I love fun, up-beat indie music.. anything with a kind of happy vibe, especially for jogging/running. This Head I Hold - Electric Guest and Harlem - New Politics are brilliant. Also Neon Trees, Two Door Cinema Club, The Killers etc. :)
  • Great suggestions! For me I love
    Cyndi Lauper,
    Dexys midnight runners,
    MC hammer, And survivor
    Basically 80's/ early 90's It works for me but I definitely need newer suggestions haha :)
  • data3567
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    I listen to INXS and Haddaway mostly
  • Steff46
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    I workout to Disturbed, Device, Pop Evil, Sixx AM, and throw in some pop too! I love the new "Happy" song by Pharrell.
  • Kr1ptonite
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    Don't like having headsets on at the gym so i just listen to what ever the gym plays, and that actually play good music. Hip Hop, Techno etc.
  • sabrina31
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    The Flask Indestructible (originally by Robyn) as the centre song is my fave of all times!
  • RotterdamNL
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    When pumping Iron the speaker are pumping metal.
  • WonderWoman_5
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    Shredz workout mix! Its awesome!
  • wehave4
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    I have these guys on my ipod - Sharon Doorsen, Three Days Grace, Bullet For My Valentine, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 3OH!3, Daughtry, The Script, Evanescence, Kelly Clarkson