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In need of at home calorie burning exercise, please help!


I've been at this for a good while now and have 1 stone (14lbs) to go to reach my goal weight. I am finding this last stone REALLY hard to get off. So I've decided to start doing more cardio, calorie burning exercises.

I am skint so gym membership is out of the question. I do have an exercise bike which was a great investment and I genuinely use it every day but I'm a worried I will get too use to it, and to be honest I would just like something to vary it up!

I tried jogging but it gives me too much pain in my knees and ankles. So looking for anything I can do at home to burn calories rather than tone so any suggestions of anything I can buy cheapish or even little cardio exercise suggestions that don't use equipment like jumping jacks ? lol.

Any help MUCH appreciated :)

Thank you :)


  • aplhabetacheesecake
    aplhabetacheesecake Posts: 181 Member
    I love youtube!!

    I love apps for my phone and tablets!

    What got me into it was getting bored of DVDs that I bought for fitness after just a few workouts, so I turned to youtube to find jillian michales 30 day shred, its awesome!

    from there I found a channel with Jenny ford- step aerobics or marching with moves for floor cardio without the step

    I also downloaded an app called fitstar and it has a range of cardio and strength exercises in varying lengths

    and my fave by far- strong lifts- now i did have to invest money here, bought a barbell, weight plates and a bench, but i LOVE lifting!
  • MJ1975CA
    MJ1975CA Posts: 31
    Try walk away the pounds. You Tube has a 3 mile fat burning walk. Use 1-3 pound hand weights. I can burn 300-500 calories in 45 minutes per my HRM depending on my effort and the amount of weights I use.
  • hjs771
    hjs771 Posts: 4
    Oh great, thank you!

    I didn't even think of youtube or apps... bit of a technophobe. But I will definitely check these out.

    I will look into strong lift too, don't mind making a bit of an investment if it's worth it.

    thanks again :)
  • knitapeace
    knitapeace Posts: 1,013 Member
    I personally love the free videos available on YouTube. My current favorite is Fitness Blender. I even took them with me on vacation and did videos in my hotel room using my iPad!

    For the bike you already have, maybe try Googling for some interval training. Mixing in quick bouts of super fast riding along with your normal speed can help prevent your body from adapting to the cardio which can slow down your results.