What do you do for a living?



  • Duggie54
    Duggie54 Posts: 17 Member
    Network Engineer.
  • thomaszabel
    thomaszabel Posts: 203 Member
    Consultant. Either working remotely from my basement, or travelling to clients. Working from basement = more flexibility and I can control my food and exercise more, but it is boring. Travelling = more difficult to control calories and work out, but is a lot more interesting.
  • lilithsrose
    lilithsrose Posts: 752 Member
    Computer Technician at a high school.
  • segastler
    segastler Posts: 207 Member
    I work at a credit union. Just applied for some financial positions at dealerships though.
  • daw0518
    daw0518 Posts: 459 Member
    I'm a grad student. I get a stipend for being a Teaching Assistant during the year. Fun stuff.
  • Charloo1990
    Charloo1990 Posts: 619 Member
    Currently a sales assistant but leave on Friday and go to Malia (Greece) 16th May to work as an overseas rep :)
  • mummma
    mummma Posts: 402 Member
    full time single mum to 3 under the age of 7, freelance photographer, photo editor for a company, also sell a maternity pillow and make word art. oh and im just at the end of my first year of my law degree. sometimes.... i have time to sleep :) x
  • tiger4nikki
    tiger4nikki Posts: 112 Member
    I am a one-woman office. I do it ALL. Busy season is winter, and spring and summer are usually pretty boring.
  • Aross83
    Aross83 Posts: 936 Member
    Purchasing Agent for a non profit agency for children and adults with developmental disabilities
  • PandaCustard
    PandaCustard Posts: 204 Member
    I used to be a graphic designer/copy editor for a small local newspaper, but it was awful and I decided to go back to school for a doctorate of physical therapy. Now I'm waiting tables to get through the prerequisite classes.
  • flexdirectcpr
    flexdirectcpr Posts: 103 Member
    Registered nurse-manager of my hospital's inpatient psychiatric department.
  • elusive_design
    elusive_design Posts: 1,095 Member
    HVAC Technician
  • nickylee76
    nickylee76 Posts: 629 Member
    Operations Supervisor for a Blood donation center.
  • ackman2002
    ackman2002 Posts: 69 Member
    Civil / Cost Engineer
  • HR Director for a manufacturing firm.
  • phantasmagical
    phantasmagical Posts: 66 Member
    Program Director/Grants Manager for a foundation that supports equal access to the civil justice system.
  • jacques57
    jacques57 Posts: 2,129 Member
    Watch gifs on MFP.
  • them_and_me
    them_and_me Posts: 60 Member
    Project Manager/Producer in the video game industry.
  • Inside sales for the window deparment of a building supply company. Basically I sit on my *kitten* all day.
  • evangelene12
    evangelene12 Posts: 196 Member