Fully ruptured L Achilles tendon.

A week ago I fully ruptured my Achilles tendon while in a boot camp class. It's been confirmed that my L Achilles tendon is "gone." I will be having surgery on Monday. Prior to this injury was I was training to compete at a novice level in weight lifting competitions. I am so bummed about this event.

A little background I had this happen 1.5 yrs ago to my R Achilles tendon. I made it through that one and only missed 1wk of working out as I concentrated on the upper body, obviously. I didn't lose too much strength wise BC of this and the help of my awesome trainer.

The problem is I dont know if I have the stick-to-itiveness this time around. Has anyone else continued to workout through a major injury? Come back stronger?


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    I have (still am actually).

    I ran the warrior dash last July and fell off the monkey bars, and destroyed my left ankle. Shattered every bone into multiple pieces, tore every ligament, partially tore my Achilles, and suffered peroneal nerve damage. My doctors told me they didn't know how fully I'd recover, and may not ever run again.

    So now, I'm doing pretty well. I started PT as soon as I got out of my hard cast, and did that for 3 months to get range of motion back. I tiptoed back into the weight room in November (and then took most of December off when my FIL had a major health crisis), and got back at it 5x a week in January. I still have a huge loss of feeling in my foot thanks to the nerve damage, and I cannot run or jump. But overall, I'm really satisfied with where I'm at and I'm making huge gains in the gym and there are days I'm shocked at how well I've stuck to my plan since I got back on my feet (my past track record for sticking with it isn't the best).

    You know what you're in for since you've done it before. If you need some motivation, friend me. I get it. Hope you heal quickly!
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    I went through a few. Had an ACL injury a few years back, and being out of insurance at the time, I ended up going through rehabbing instead of surgery, so my recovery was longer than normally would be. However, Once I got to where I could put pressure on it, things started progressing slowly, and I got back to full strength after a bit.

    Recently, I sprained that same knee (4 months ago). I'm already back into my daily routine, can put most pressure on it, and continue. I am picking up a brace though, in case I decide to do anything over-strenuous, just as a precaution.

    The hardest thing you'll find, is that your mind will say go go go, but your body won't be QUITE ready when your mind is. Be safe above all, and you WILL return better and stronger.
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    Sorry to hear about your injury.

    I have no experience with achilles issues, but I did have knee problems when I was younger. I ended up tearing my ACL right before high school. I had to take a year off of sports, but I was able to come back from it and play sports again. I did have some (more minor) injuries the next year or so after that, which I think was due to me compensating for my knee (pulled groin, etc). Now I'm on the move all of the time between workouts at home, playing floor hockey, etc. I am now actually leaner and in better shape than I was back in high school. At this point, I feel like I'm pretty much "back to normal" and can certainly keep up (or go faster) than others who haven't had any knee issues.

    Best of luck with your surgery. I think you can definitely come back, and perhaps even come back stronger. Just take it a day at a time. Work hard in PT (I'm assuming you'd have that), and it will definitely pay off.
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    I nearly ruptured my L achilles a year ago hiking a mountain (and had to crawl down). It took me 6 months of LOTS OF ABS and pull ups/knee pushups but I worked through it Crossfit 2-3x per week with literally every work out tailored for me.

    You can do it. I actually found I was MORE motivated when I was injured because I was so limited being on crutches. If you need support, feel free to add me, I know what you're going through!
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    I'm 5 weeks post op after a re-rupture!

    I was only 1.5weeks in 2 shoes. Horrible beyond imagination.

    I was merely walking to the bathroom and snap that awful sound again!!

    So it would be great to link in with fellow survivors, especially get some tips on how to lose weight while recovering.

    Would love some positive stories!!!!

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    Medical science is amazing right now. There have been many athletes who have ruptured their AT's and have come back to be competitive again.
    It does matter if your rehab is consistent and correct though. Never quit. You'll always regret it later.

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    Hi everyone!

    I too completely ruptured my left achilles last July playing netball. I went down the conservative route as UK hospitals (well leicestershire ones anyway) prefer not to repair surgically if possible.

    So, here we are, ten months later and it is still not right. MRI shows an abnormal achilles with massive amounts of scar tissue. I have my pre op tomorrow and surgery in two weeks. I am having a transfer of the FHL tenon in my big toe to strap into my acHilles.

    Terrified of the outcome...but I guess it can't get much worse! Ive never had surgery before, so I am not looking forward to it, or the 12-16 weeks rehab afterwards.

    Grateful of any friend that would like to add me!

    Happy healing!

  • Lissarellashrinking
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    Goodluck Alicia

    My first achilles rupture was treated conservatively too.

    It re-ruptured pretty easily (nothing impressive just walking) and my surgeon pre-op said my achilles MRI looked like an "ugly mess of scar tissue" and that I would need a full reconstruction using the tendon from my big toe.

    I woke from surgery (20/03/14) to find that once he cut open the leg he was able to clear out the scar tissue and repair the tendon (Primary repair) without using my toe tendon. I hope this happens to you too!

    Stay in touch and let us know how you are going. I know only too well what it is like to start again. Feel free to msg me.


    I have a knee scooter this time instead of using crutches (6 weeks non weight bearing) and I love it! I used crutches for the first rupture (7 weeks non weight bearing) and it did my head in!!!!!! I got nerve damage in my hands and l had a nasty fall with crutches and wet tiles. But my knee scooter is stable and allows me to carry a drink and food etc and I can move much quicker.

    I don't feel like such a burden on others. It really helps with beating the depression. I sure had that. I used to restrict how much water I was drinking because I hated the physical ordeal of crutching all the way to the toilet. Despite knowing just how bad that was for my healing. This time I'm drinking loads of water and I'm taking Vitamin C and Krill oil supplements to aid healing further.
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    Thanks for the positive words ninerbuff! I will be doing all my rehab and taking good care of myself. Loosing weight is only going to help my achilles when I am allowed to weight bear so that is a good start.