50 pounds weight loss - with pictures!

oboeadam Posts: 124 Member
On 1/1 I was a very unhappy individual. I felt tired, sick and had no motivation. Just like millions of other people, I decided to make a resolution - but this time it was different. I wasn't going to go for 4-6 weeks and give up, I was FINALLY going to make a change in my life. Now only 4 months later, I stand here, 50 pounds less. I have abs starting (ONLY starting) to show through. I have more energy than I had 10 years ago and I'm happier than I've ever been. Am I done? Hell no - I still need to drop my body fat % a little more and want to continue to build muscle - but I'm DARN proud of where I am today!!



  • crunchergirl
    crunchergirl Posts: 184 Member
    Congratulations. You look great!
  • MissySpring
    MissySpring Posts: 442 Member
    You should be proud! WTG!
  • Shook765
    Shook765 Posts: 117 Member
    Fantastic Job! What a great accomplishment. :drinker:
  • lonnieh2
    lonnieh2 Posts: 28 Member
    Awesome job! Remember how much better you feel and keep it up! You are doing great. Congrats!!!
  • teeyoung2014
    teeyoung2014 Posts: 5 Member
    Congrats way to Go:)????????
  • TrishCmfp
    TrishCmfp Posts: 11 Member
    Fabulous! I am only at the beginning of my exercise/health improving/weight loss journey. I am already seeing results.

    You have made fantastic progress in such a short time. Very inspiring for a newbie!! Thank you for sharing.
  • oboeadam
    oboeadam Posts: 124 Member
    Thanks guys! Glad I was able to inspire others :).
  • eslcity
    eslcity Posts: 323 Member
    Time to hit the gym....and hit it hard...
  • cmurphy252
    cmurphy252 Posts: 279 Member
    Wow! Great job!
  • Pusarah
    Pusarah Posts: 124 Member
    Great job in a short amount of time! gl with the rest of your goals!! I know you'll reach them in good time! Congrats!
  • oboeadam
    oboeadam Posts: 124 Member
    Time to hit the gym....and hit it hard...

    Looks like you have been - congrats on your amazing results! :D
  • mum23
    mum23 Posts: 248 Member
    brilliant. you have EVERY reason to be proud.
  • cfl68
    cfl68 Posts: 48 Member
    AWESOME. Well done sir. Well done :D
  • lisaabenjamin
    lisaabenjamin Posts: 665 Member
    Ding dong! :love:
  • gert1985
    gert1985 Posts: 53 Member
    You worked hard and it shows. You should be very proud of yourself !
  • JenToms80
    JenToms80 Posts: 373 Member
    Nice work! :drinker:
  • oboeadam
    oboeadam Posts: 124 Member
    Thanks everyone!! :D
  • rebbylicious
    rebbylicious Posts: 621 Member
    That is great! Very inspiring - thank you for sharing
  • katimorris87
    katimorris87 Posts: 65 Member
    fantastic job! you look so much healthier and happier!
  • jennifer52484
    jennifer52484 Posts: 888 Member
    Awesome job! Great smile.
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