Need help findinf a swimsuit!!!!!



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    Lane Bryant may be too large of sizes for you, but I think they go down to at least a 14. Avenue just announced that a size 10 is plus-sized. I know that they both have their actual bras in the top of suits, and most of strategic cover-up options... Maybe a small sarong for walking around, and just the suit for swimming? You could totally rock that now. I've heard good things about Torrid, too, as someone else mentioned above, but you may have shrunk out of those sizes. Amazingly enough, I've heard good things about mid-range sizes at Rue21 and a few other chain-ish stores that may or may not have a national presence. Ross and/or Marshall's are good on prices if you have time to look around... Best of luck!
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    Not sure if La Vie en Rose is Canadian only or not, but that's where I just got one from. They had lots of selection and I actually got mine from the outlet so I paid $7 for mine lol
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    You look amazing. Great job and good luck with whatever you decide. You could rock anything!
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    LANDS END! I just ordered 5 suits from there, some skirted, some not. I really like the fit and they have high rise tummy control bottoms (even with a skirt!). Message me if you want details about what suits I ordered, how they fit etc. I tried multiple sizes and styles from the current line!
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    I got mine from Swimco, it was way more expensive than the normal $10 ones I usually buy from Old Navy (I have a drawer full of swimsuits that have never seen the light of day!) but OH MAN!! I love it, it makes me feel great!! I am not a skinny minny and really don't mind wearing mine anywhere (around water of course).
    My personal opinion, spend the money on a great suit that makes you feel awesome instead of getting a cheaper one that is so-so.
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    +1 for Lands End!
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    Lands end has really nice quality swim wear with a lot of mix and match options. They have several swim skirt options in different lengths depending if you want to be a little more covered. It sounds like that's not your concern so their swim minis are great if you just don't want all that thigh out there but aren't trying to hide exactly.
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    believe it or not i have found some nice swim suits with skirts and long low cut tops at my walmart. lol
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    ZaftigBetty Posts: 86 Member has a wide selection of suits. I've only ordered the swim suit cleaner. I acutally bought my suits from Forever 21. They had so many cute retro suits. Also, I got one from Ross Clothing Stores made by Jantzen. Good luck in your search and congrats on your fab makeover! :-)
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    Seriously Her Room is the way to go, I'm quite petite but have a big bust/shoulders so end up buying swimsuits/bras there or at Change of Scandinavia, (I live in Vancouver, Canada) Her Room has the hugest selection, it helps you determine your size then you can search by the items available in your size and prices are decent. shipping to Canada is a *****, but shipping to the states is reasonable.

    Also if anyone is in the market for the worlds greatest sports bra its this one

    :smile: Good Luck Lady
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    Totally Agree! All of my suits are under $30 but I feel UH-MAZING in them!!!
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    My wife always recommends string bikinis, because you can adjust them everywhere so they are always flattering.
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    Im a HUGE fan of LL Bean swim suits. they hold up REALLY well and are avail in a ton of mix-&-match options.
    Athleta also makes a lot, more sporty-inspired, but again, hold up well and they do a lot of their styles in larger cup options if needed.
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    Yes. Not sure what size you wear, but I think they have what you're looking for.
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    bump... some great ideas shared!