Need to lose 100lbs anyone need to do the same!



  • ButterflyEffectLiz
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    I need to lose more than 100 lbs. I can be your friend.:flowerforyou:
  • Ashleys0981
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    Hi everyone! For those who need to lose 100 pounds or more, what goal did you put in your settings? 1 pound a week? 2? Thanks!
  • kingsqueen2011
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    Hi! I started my journey on April 4, and have lost 13 lbs this month. I too was 270lbs and have a goal of 155. I don't want to carry around the extra 115lbs anymore, my body is saying enough. I would love to be part of your support team.
  • ButterflyEffectLiz
    ButterflyEffectLiz Posts: 25 Member
    I put 2 lbs a week.
  • kingsqueen2011
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    I just decided to quit putting junk in my mouth and eat healthy....not too mention get up off my butt! I try to keep under 1700 cal/day...most days I can barely make 1200, yet am so full from the foods I do eat that I don't know if I can eat more!
  • I'm working on losing 100 too! My highest was 271 lb, I'm now down to 246 as of this morning :) Would love to provide some mutual support!
  • airangel59
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    I posted this the other day in the 100+ to lose with no surgery group ...but you asked for some tips so....

    Take it slow. Small goals. One day, one pound, one step at a time.
    You didn't put all the weight on overnite, it's not going to come off overnite.
    Get a good digital food scale, measuring cups/spoons. Weigh and measure everything.
    Take your measurements and pictures too (I did not and I wish I had)
    I pre plan/pre log my meals/snacks in advance. I put a nice amount of cals/carbs for late snacks so I can adjust thru out the day (in case I eat something unplanned, or have seconds or forget something I ate)
    Before eating out, check out website for nutritional stats...again, pre log the fast food/restaurant meal then plan your eating around it.
    Drink water, drink even more water.
    When you do exercise, go easy especially if you are a couch potato like I am (I actually did not do much till I lost a nice chunk of weight)
    Take the calorie burn you will see MFP or exercise machines with a grain of salt, especially if you plan to eat most of them back.
    Add some buds that have open diaries, I find some great meal ideas and recipes from my buds (& i hate to cook)
    Read labels, take your time in the grocery, compare products before adding to your cart.
    It's a big endeavor but if you get and keep your mindset where it needs to be, you can do it.
  • Sharonwalkergmailcom
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    Im 249. Goal weight is 170. So we can definitely help each other.
  • KimH0304
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    I have 100 lbs to lose too. I started using MFP last summer when I was around 230 and have since gained another 30 lbs (I stopped using MFP somewhere in there). After a recent conversation with my doctor I'm more motivated than ever to lose my first 50 lbs and then continue on to lose another 50. I started using MFP again a couple weeks ago and I'm down 3 lbs (yay!) My diary is public and I'm looking to add friends to cheer each other on and share food ideas.
  • Quivo
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    i just started my journey today. i'm looking to lose 120 lbs and would like to have friends for inspiration and to help keep me motivated. please feel free to add me.
  • majomi1579
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    How often do you eat? I try to eat 6 small meals a day keeping within my calorie goals.
  • stevenbek
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    You and I are close to the same weight with the same goal! Would love to join you on your journey. I just started using this app along with a fitbit I received as a Birthday present. This is my 2nd week. Looking for inspiration, motivation and support!
  • majomi1579
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    I need to lose 100 lbs. You can add me if you want. It would be fun to support each other and take the journey together!!:wink:
  • Hey, I'm Bri. :) Nice to meet you! I'm new to MFP and want to lose 105 pounds. I currently weigh 225. I could definitely use friends for motivation. Feel free to add me.
  • metalkim85
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    Hi! I started at 278 last year and now 258. Recently started MFP, my goal right now is 200lbs. PLEASE anyone add, I'm sure all of us can benefit from motivation friends.
  • fuzilojak
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    I've got over 100 to lose. I've lost 71lbs so far. Having friends on here has really helped. I'll add you and anyone else that wants to add me go for it. :)
  • rosanna88_
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    I'm looking to lose 100lbs too! Feels impossible but we're all in this together. Good luck everyone
  • tomuchtoloss
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    I started this journey weightinh 309 and I'm down to 246 and still have more to go I'll help in any way that I can enjoy this jounery of self