Do I really need Protein shakes?

I've never really understood the whole protein shake thing and if I should use them or not. I've already lost the majority of the weight I wanted and only have 15 more pounds to loose and have really started to focus on toning. I don't want the big bulky muscles, but rather the lean strong ones with a bit of definition. Are protein shakes really that beneficial to help me reach my final goals and if so, what should I be looking for?

Thanks for the help!!!! :)


  • Capt_Apollo
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    you do not need protein shakes. eat plenty of lean meats, and you should be fine.

    also, you will not wake up one morning and accidentally have big bulky muscles.
  • LotusAsh
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    drinking protein and lift weights won't make you bulky. But if you are trying to build muscle, protein shakes are a substitute for for whole foods
  • LotusAsh
    LotusAsh Posts: 294 Member
    you do not need protein shakes. eat plenty of lean meats, and you should be fine.

    also, you will not wake up one morning and accidentally have big bulky muscles.
  • SideSteel
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    For purposes of discussion think of it like a chicken breast in ground up powder form. While that's not technically correct, it's "close enough" as far as explaining the relative need for it in your diet.

    If you aren't able to reach a protein target sufficient for your goals, powder can help.

    Finally, you won't get big, bulky muscles no matter how hard you try unless you're using some illegal pharmacological assistance, if you know what I mean.
  • If you're getting the protein you need from food, then no. If you have trouble reaching your protein goals, shakes are a decent way to get there.
  • thepetiterunner
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    First, protein shakes are not going to give you bulky muscles.

    Second, protein shakes aren't necessary. You can certainly eat whole foods or regular protein instead. I just happen to find them convenient for recovery after a workout. You could just eat some chicken, tofu, some other protein of your choice if you wanted. Chocolate milk is also a great recovery drink. No one said protein shakes are required.
  • FatFreeFrolicking
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    First, it's impossible for women to become "bulky" because we don't produce the testosterone needed to become bulky.

    Since you want to build muscle, protein shakes are a good option in terms of making sure you hit your protein goal every day. I personally use Nutiva hemp protein powder. 90 calories per 3 tbsp and 15 g protein. I use hemp protein because I'm allergic to whey and I don't like the taste of soy or egg-based protein powders.
  • ahamm002
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    A high protein diet is important while losing weight b/c it helps maintain your body's muscle mass while the fat is burned off. Protein shakes are helpful for maintaining a high protein intake.
  • Holly_Roman_Empire
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    Only if you have problems meeting your protein goals.

    Nobody accidentally gets bulky muscles. :huh:
  • theJTfitness
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    There's nothing magic about protein shakes. They don't have a magic ingredient that makes you gain muscle or lose weight instantly.

    Protein shakes should be used as a tool to meet your protein requirements. Some don't need them, others do. But you don't NEED them.
  • No_Finish_Line
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    think of food suppliments as food lol

    they wont do anything for that eating food doesn't do.

    you want to get an adaquet amount of protein, whats adaquet is open for debate.

    protein suppliments exist simply to make it more convienient/easier to reach that protein goal
  • iPlatano
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    Protein shake =Dairy, meat, etc.
  • trisha986
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    you do not need protein shakes. eat plenty of lean meats, and you should be fine.

    also, you will not wake up one morning and accidentally have big bulky muscles.

    This. Lol.

    You don't need the shakes as the above states. You can get them from foods. I enjoy protein shakes, it's almost like a snack for me. And it helps me hit my protein macros since mine are a little high. But overall, no... not needed! All it should be is a supplement for when you want to add protein to the ones you got already through meat, dairy, etc.
  • mlyn0812
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    No you don't need them, but they can taste really good!
  • MrGonzo05
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    Protein supplements are useful if your diet is otherwise deficient in protein.
  • lindustum
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    Just a tip: try out the brand before spending a lot of money on big tubs. I learned the hard way. I seem to get a bad allergic reaction* to all powders I have tried so far- I don't understand why because I have no known food allergies, but I have dropped protein powder completely as a result. I don't find it hard to reach 90-100g protein a day with the right food (meat, milk, eggs essentially).

    *Shortness of breath, sweating, heart racing
  • It isn't necessary, I only have them to help combat the fatigue after my strength workouts.... I work late nights and I was always struggling by 8pm on my strength days, but now I have a protein shake on those days, I don't suffer with the 8pm fatigue; I also don't get a great deal of protein in my diet because I'm not a big meat eater and I'm not keen on eggs.

    It's entirely up to you, if you feel you get enough protein in your diet, you probably won't need them.