Hi My name is Melanie

I started FINALLY tracking my macros (fat, carbs and protein)! I am excited to do this. I want to see what it does for my physique. I also started the AdvoCare program and am excited. I saw 3 women JUST recently whose body has changed drastically (beautifully) because of AdvoCare, in particular Spark Energy (gave them the energy to get in the gym and work out), then Catalyst (really saw changes in their muscle to fat definition) and also the HerbalCleanse (I have heard people state they felt SO much lighter and so much more energy in just two days). I cannot wait for these to get here so I can SEE for myself what this does.

I have tried Spark Energy before and loved it, so am eager to try the rest. I hope all here are seeing great results. Myfitnesspal.com has been a great tool for me. I try to log daily what foods I eat and also what workouts I do.

Cannot wait to meet everyone!


  • 101sal
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    Hi Mel and welcome to MFP, feel free to add me, 11KG lost , at least 9 to go !!!
  • Mnatan777
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    Wow, that is fantastic! Thank you for adding me!