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Please can someone recommend to me a food scale? Preferably from the UK so I can just go and collect it quickly. Im not looking to spend a huge amount but want something decent? I thought it was would be a simple thing to do but when I looked at them all I wasn't sure where to start. I just want something easy to use and easy to clean and put away. By the way I dont mean that I want you to go looking through the internet for me - I am just interested in what you have all got and what you think is good!


Hannah :)


  • Tillyecl1
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    I've got a Salter and it's really good. It was about £15 from Argos. They have absolutely loads though, my only real recommendation is get a digital one :)
  • Calamitycazza
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    mine is also a digital Salter food scale from Argos and it was £8.99, really worth it! And very easy to use!
  • AwesomeGuy37
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    I live in the States.. I have 2.
    I like the one I paid $10 for over the $20 one because it uses double-A batteries and doesn't reset in the middle of weighing items.
    I got this one at Aldi. I'm not sure if they sell them anymore. Kitchen Living is the brand.

    The $20 here was at Walmart. It works fine, but I dislike using it.
  • kgeyser
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    Live in the states as well and I have one by Oxo - not sure if you have that brand over there but I've been happy with it.
  • amberrenee813
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    I bought the cheapest digital scale at Walmart and love it. Walmart is the same as ASDA. Just make sure your scale has a tare function. That allows you to put a bowl on the scale and set the scale to 0 after so the weight of the bowl is not included with the food.
  • Vailara
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    I also have a Salter scale. When I eventually broke my last one, I decided to shop around, but ended up with the same model! It's very easy to use, wipes clean easily, measures fl oz and hardly takes up any room. My only criticism is that it's quite small, which is great, but it means you can't use a large, flat plate on it and still read the display. I would also like a bigger display, but that's just my bad eyesight!
    This link is to Argos, but I think I bought mine from Tesco's.

    I would highly recommend this type of scale, as you can put a bowl on it, then add ingredients one at a time, zero-ing it in between to get exact amounts. I don't know how much better this brand or model is than the others. The Argos Value one may be just as good! The main thing is that it's digital, and you can use your own bowl/plate/pan, etc. and you can set it to zero.