Anyone from Tennessee?

Hello everyone! Looking for new friends, even if you're not from Tennessee that's ok. I'd like friends that 100+ pounds to lose or have lost that amount. Not a requirement by any means. I could just use all the tips and motivation I can get. Thank you. :)


  • I'm in middle TN! I need to lose about 50ish lbs and am trying to make new friends to keep me motivated too. Add me! :)
  • I'm from Knoxville.. I have more than 100 pounds to lose to and just started 5 days ago with my fitness pal.. Would love to be friends
  • GeekyMommy528
    GeekyMommy528 Posts: 13 Member
    Nice! I'm close to Oak Ridge. :)
  • GhostriderMav
    GhostriderMav Posts: 308 Member
    I grew up in North east Tn
  • wnt2bhlthy4me
    wnt2bhlthy4me Posts: 121 Member
    I'm in middle TN. I started my journey alittle over 100 days ago. Add me if you like. : )
  • scot30316
    scot30316 Posts: 169 Member
    From Chattanooga but have lived in Atlanta since 2003
  • Colli78
    Colli78 Posts: 135
    Memphis here. :smile:
  • IndyCacher
    IndyCacher Posts: 34
    I was born and spent my younger years in Fentress County. I live in Indianapolis, now, but I'm always looking for new friends!
  • the0th3rjen
    the0th3rjen Posts: 27
    I'm just outside of Memphis and definitely have more than 100 to lose. Feel free to add me.
  • 1HappyRedhead
    1HappyRedhead Posts: 413 Member
    Knoxville .... I've lost 28lbs but I'd like to lose more! :wink:
  • PatrickXFCE
    PatrickXFCE Posts: 52 Member
    Gallatin TN, close to Nashville.
  • erinden
    erinden Posts: 12 Member
    Yes, I am in Memphis. Fat Capitol of the U.S. hahaha
  • Steff46
    Steff46 Posts: 514 Member
    Johnson City, Tennessee here!
  • cedens312
    cedens312 Posts: 20 Member
    :smile: I live in Chattanooga! Add me!
  • Kingsport Tennessee here! Friend request is on the way
  • superfox12082
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    I visited Nashville two weeks ago. Had a blast. I have about 40-50 pounds to lose. Add me if you like. I'm on pretty much everyday. :flowerforyou:
  • IvanCasillas
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    I am from the Chicago area but am looking at moving to TN soon! I am actually planning on visiting Chattanooga & Knoxville in two weeks. Add me! I am in need of some guidance. Thanks :)
  • MRSpivey
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    Louisville, TN.

  • Ambergrace24
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    I live in Shelbyville, Tn, I just moved here from Michigan. I love it. The only thing I don't love, is all of the delicious places to eat here, that they didn't have in Michigan. For example, Zaxby's, Chick-fil-a, Bojangles, Popeyes, Hardees, and my most favorite place is Marvins family restaurant in Fayetteville, yummm!
  • North Shore Chattanooga :glasses: