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Okay friends, what's the difference in being obsessed and vigilant when it comes to the scales?


  • rak173
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    To me that depends on how I am feeling about the scale. Some weeks I weigh myself 1-3 times a day. Other weeks I only weigh myself 2-3 times a week. At no point have I ever felt obsessed or disturbed by the numbers. That's not to say I don't feel excited or bummed about them. I suppose the emotions associated between me and my scale have to remain minimal in order for me to not feel obsessed with it. If I started feeling drastically swayed by the #'s on the scale, I would probably have to throw it away. For me, normal scheduled weigh ins (Wednesday mornings after I use the toilet and before I eat) are vigilant.
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    If you are weighing yourself daily: STOP. Your body naturally floats weight during sleep cycles so you will always be lighter after you wake up. Obviously, you will also be lighter post bathroom uses. Weighing yourself after eating is also pointless as yes! you will weigh more temporarily until the food breaks down and you burn up the calories.

    At best, monitor your weigh from week to week, and do it at the same time. I like to do it sunday mornings so I can compare myself to previous weeks.
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    To me its simple. if it effects you emotionally its obsessive. You wouldn't be heart broken if your tire pressure gauge showed your tires were low on air right? and you wouldn't regard the gauge as some dreaded tool.. its just a tool. So is the scale, its just a tool.
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    The number on the scale can come from any number of things:
    You are using more hair products
    You really need to pee
    You are wearing bigger shoes
    You are pregnant
    You have a lot of change in your pockets
    You are retaining water
    You have a Texas-sized belt buckle
    You are about to start your cycle
    Your scale is broken

    I weigh once a day because I spike and drop drastically. It would drive me crazy if I wasn't aware of how I trend over time. But scale weight tells me nothing about body fat, which is what I actually care about.
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    How would you respond to someone who said

    I think many of you are missing the point...getting weighed once a week is enough. Why do you play with your mind and emotions all week long with food and the SCALE too?
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    I would point to my weight graph and show you several points where, if I weighed once a month, it would look like I gained five pounds in a month (oh no!). But then, when you see all of the intervening data points, it's obviously a spike over a day or two (impossible!).

    I would argue that you should weigh the number of times that you need in order to keep your goals in perspective.
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    How would you respond to someone who said

    I think many of you are missing the point...getting weighed once a week is enough. Why do you play with your mind and emotions all week long with food and the SCALE too?

    My typical response is to mind their own business. But I don't have many friends... :tongue:
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    I weight myself on Sundays - only!

    My sugar weighs herself constantly, before and after a shower, before and after a pooh! That's always a fun report! LOL "hey honey I just lost 1/2 a pound in one minute!

    we both seem to be pretty normal.

    I think if you ask if you are obsessed, that is the first indicator that you may be
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    I won't weigh myself in the morning unless I can poo first. Otherwise I just save it for the weekend.
  • likitisplit
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    Also, I paid good money for my scale. Should I just let it sit there and go to waste?
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    Begining to weigh weigh myself only once a week has been one of the best changes I've made, and I never had an issue with watching the daily ups and downs. I get so much more motivation for my weekly weigh in and then feel pumped after when I see a loss. I get to celebrate those losses more and be more intune to my progress on the scale and off. During the week I don't think about the number as much...its more about how clothes fit and how great I feel which, for someone who has always struggled with body image even when fit, is a very good thing. Plus I feel I'm setting up a habit I can sustain to help keep me on track after I reach my goal. I can easily continue to weigh the same day every week where, if I don't have a consistent habit, I'm more likely to forget to get on the scale and start creeping up again.

    I don't think there is anything "wrong" with weighing daily...I've just found more motivation and positivity in once a week weighing. At first, I treated it as one of my weight loss "goals" that I needed to hold myself to, right along with staying within calorie alotment and activity. It was hard the first few weeks to keep off the scale but it isn't at all now. I like having a certain day of the week I'm pushing towards to see a loss and usually being pleasantly surprised at my progress on that day.
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    How would you respond to someone who said

    I think many of you are missing the point...getting weighed once a week is enough. Why do you play with your mind and emotions all week long with food and the SCALE too?

    "If I want to obsess than that's my problem but no worries, my counselor and I are working on that but anyways, here, have another donut." (because usually those who talk to me like that are my friends who complain about being overweight and needing to get to the gym but never do!! As they're stuffing their faces with chicken fingers and fries!!)

    Sorry people's negativity is unnecessary, we have enough of our own struggles to get through this, some of us more than others, and to have the constant negativity just sucks sometimes...I know where you are at my friend...just throw them a box of donuts and tell them to stick it in their mouth and STFU!!
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    How would you respond to someone who said

    I think many of you are missing the point...getting weighed once a week is enough. Why do you play with your mind and emotions all week long with food and the SCALE too?

    Okay first thing's first: if someone is saying that to you or to a group of's just his/her opinion. We're all entitled to one.
    Second thing is, I personally see nothing wrong with weighing every morning. However, I don't get depressed when the scale says I gained a pound from yesterday when I KNOW I ate perfectly fine, and I probably need to drop a big duce or something. Yeah sometimes it can get frustrating, especially for women who fluctuate so much water weight around "that time of the month", but it also encourages me to go back through my diary and see if maybe i've been eating too much sodium or something.

    Long story short I see it as a motivator and something to encourage me to take a second look at my macros, which I usually ignore.

    What does the scale mean to you?
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    "A study out of Brown University and University of Tennessee analyzed 178 adults (average age 52) and found those who used a scale every day lost more weight than those who hadn’t."

    Personally, if you have an eating condition such as anerexia or bolemia, then weighing is not for you. If not, I like to weigh every day. It is important to learn that weight will fluxuate. I get inspiration AND I learn what to expect and to meter my expectations. I have learned the patterns my body goes though and when I can expect the next change to happen.

    I weigh every morning right outta bed after I pee. I am a nerd, I like the numbers.

    My Graph.

    If you notice some data points almost look like a flat line... if I had weighed only once per week, I might have thought nothing was changing.
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    hahaha that chick said drop a big duce!!! nice!
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    LOL. I weigh daily. Its just a number. Its data. End of story.
    I dont get off the scale when it increases and have a bad day or hate myself. I dont weigh more than once in a day hoping for a different result. I dont think about it after I hop off. I record if necessary and move on. Quite frankly, I dont have my lowest weight every Sunday morning at 8am. I track my lows as I get new ones. I am allowed to go up and down and all over in any given week, I am looking for a new low.

    Just about every friend in my FL who does a weekly tracking gets obsurdly discouraged when they have an increase. They pin all their hopes and motivation on achieving a loss on a specific day and it hurts to watch them fail because at a set time on a set day they didnt experience a loss.
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    I also think that people who weigh daily get more used to the idea of fluctuation than those weighing only weekly or less frequently so are less likely to get discouraged.
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    hahaha that chick said drop a big duce!!! nice!

    Hahah I did.
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    Scales are very important, but you should weigh every day and average it out at the end of the week.

    Some say weigh after a no exercise day and average it out once a week. I like to see how much water I hold after a gruelling session, which is usually combined with tons of carbs, which themselves hold water. I know what to expect, I usually cruise between 129/130 at the mo. I know I'm fully topped up glycogen and water wise, and have more LBM now so it doesn't bother me so much.

    It still holds me accountable and stops binge eating. I know I'm going to have to see the results, as well as feel the tightening of the least favourite thing...ever....