Phone/keys/cash carrier



  • MJ1975CA
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    I buy capri pants, skirt/skorts and pants from Athleta that have a zippered pocket in the waist band that holds my iphone, ID and key (I have one key I use when I exercise outdoor to the house/car). If they are not out of your price range, I would consider purchasing a pair. I am wearing the Athleta Contender skirt capri today. It has the best pocket out of all of the bottoms in my Athleta wardrobe (and is very comfortable). Message me if you have any other questions about Athleta, I own many items from the current line. Good luck!
  • StraubreyR
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    I have some exercise pants that have a small zippered pocket inside the waistband. Perfect for a key and cash. If I need my phone, I have a runner's waist belt. I didn't think I'd like it, but it's so comfortable, I forget I have it on. It's called Nathan 5K runner's waist pack. Found both the pack and the pants at TJ Maxx for a very reasonable price!
  • 103reasons
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    I have a roadid shoe pouch. The id part has my name, phone number, and some emergency information engraved on it. And the pouch sits on top of my she laces. I can carry a credit card, some cash, and my house key. I honestly do not notice it on my foot unless I change shoes and have to get the placement right - sometimes it is too close to my toes and I can feel it, but move it up a lace and you don't notice it again. My phone, I put in a zip loc bag and tuck in my bra (the bag protects it against sweat).
  • shanaber
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    I have one. it doesn't work well for men's shorts with elastic band. it's made more for women's yoga pants.

    I have one too and it doesn't work well on running shorts for women either if you put your phone in it. If you were to use it just for ID and some cash and maybe one key it could work, or if you are walking and not running. I use a Spibelt and love it - put my phone, ID, keys, puppy poop bags in it depending on what I need. It doesn't move, slip or bounce when I run.
  • mike_ny
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    Back when iPods were bigger, they made lots of arm or waist band carriers for them. They're lightweight, water resistant, and not that large, but can easily hold a wallet, keys, money, etc... You can find that at yard sales for less than a buck.
  • ryannsmom921
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    I'm bad. I don't take a key and rarely take ID but when I do I put the ID in my bra. I do the same with my phone...because I time my laps, it's constantly in and out. I'm sure I look cute at the track, anyway. Sometimes I wear a light jacket or sweatshirt with pockets for my phone but that's it.
  • Tanya949
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    Um... I hide my keys in the bushes. Seriously.. I run on trails, and I stash them under a pile of leaves or branches. If you are a geocacher, you will understand ;-) Otherwise, I just put them in my underwear against my hip... they stay pretty well LOL. My phone I carry in my hand and try not to look at it every 30 seconds as I do my C25K run.