Fitbit - does it really work??

I am thinking about getting a fitbit but am a little confused on how it actually works. It counts your steps and distance walked, is this by your arm swinging or by gps? Do I take it off when I workout at the gym so I do not confuse it? It seems like an awesome thing to have for general day to day walking etc but I am confused by how it works and if it is worth getting. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • beejelblor
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    Since it is on my arm will it think I am taking a step every time I lift my arm.. to drink water, scratch my face, pick something up... etc.
  • mdcoug
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    I'm going on week 3 with mine and I love it. It's mostly a step counter, but the app and the online dashboard are fantastic. You can add activity and adjust the calories burned to match what your HRM reflects. As long as you accurately log your activity start time, it won't double-count the steps. I think it even syncs with Endomondo, so if you have a HRM band that works with that program, I think there's even less for you to do to track your activity.

    But, the real reason I love it is the competition and accountability. I can compete with myself and push myself to reach a goal that is above what my normal daily activity is. I can compete with friends and coworkers. And I can see when I've been a little lazy and need to get up and move. Again, their app and software make it all very easy and fun.
  • mdcoug
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    Since it is on my arm will it think I am taking a step every time I lift my arm.. to drink water, scratch my face, pick something up... etc.

    For some things, yes, for others, no. I noticed the other day that folding laundry added more steps. I figure it all evens out in the end. If you establish a baseline and work to beat that and improve, the extra (or missed) step counting doesn't matter.
  • kikityme
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    As a motivational tool, it works VERY well for me. I have the One, so it's on a clip, but swinging it doesn't seem to affect the steps. For me, it just gets me out of the house.

    It's really a glorified pedometer, *not* a heart rate monitor. It's meant for walking/running. The calorie count seems to be fairly accurate.
  • FreyaHDub
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    I've had my FitBit Force since Christmas and it's really helped me kick start my fitness adventure! I wear it while I work out and no most things but take it off in the shower. I find it really helpful to see how much I should be moving vs what I'm actually doing. It keeps me motivated at the gym, except that it doesn't count all steps taken...while mostly I use the treadmill or Elliptical at the gym, I've found the Arc Trainer and like it, but it doesn't count my steps on it and as a result, doesn't count my active time. But all in all, I think it's really useful!

    I'm sure there are pros and cons to each fitness band, but I'm glad I got a FitBit.
  • KatyE213
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    I have a FitBit One, and before that I had the Ultra. I love it and wouldnt be without it. I love the way it interacts with MFP and motivates me to do more!
  • jchadden42
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    Nothing works unless you do.

    I have the zip, and it is on a clip. I don't really care about tracking sleep or stairs climbed or things like that. I just wanted to see how active I really am during the day with my job.
  • tullymcq
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    I have the Fitbit zip & wear it on my bra. It very rarely adds extra steps that I didn't take. I agree with previous comments that it works great as a motivational tool. I work as a Receptionist so I sit for 8 hours a day. I love seeing how I can add steps into my day. I do things like walk around the cart return in the parking lot, park in the farthest spot away from the building, but I also make sure to take at least one 25 - 30 minute walk a day.

    I would definitely recommend wearing a Fitbit to the gym, depending on what exercise your doing, you won't need to track it separately (ie Treadmill or Eliptical will be tracked, but lifting wont). I linked my Fitbit to MFP & my steps & calories burned are added to both profiles when I sync.

    Personally, I think it's both a great way to keep me motivated to move & a easy way to track what I do during the day.
  • sllm1
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    Just got the zip yesterday. Love it! I bounce my leg constantly when I'm sitting, but it's not counting them as steps (if that helps). :)