What's your go-to low cal snack?



  • Mrsfreedom41
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    I like to eat a small crisp apple or 12 almonds. These really keep me satisfied until my next meal.:drinker:
  • beckyjeanleemaddox
    beckyjeanleemaddox Posts: 157 Member
    Pickles for me! 5 cal per.
    pickles!!!!! I love the spears!!!
  • allybird2
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    1/4 of a cucumber (slices) and baby carrots, + 1/2 tbsp of light ranch dressing! Yummy.
  • besaro
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    goodness knows bars. 150 each. soy delicious bars 90 cals.
  • Peppah7
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    Just take popcorn seeds, put about a tablespoon in a bowl, put it in the microwave, and cap it with a plate.
    Boom... 30 calories in A CUP OF POPCORN,
    Feel free to stuff your mouth guiltlessly.
    Make more!
    (and use your non dominant hand while eating so you're more aware of what you've eaten)

    And... ANOTHER UH-mazing snack is peeling and cutting 2 bananas, putting them in the freezer for 2 hrs, putting them in the blender (they'll stick to the sides, just keep pushing them back into the blades) and VIOLA:
    vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free ice cream... made from ONE fruit ingredient.....
    you're welcome...
    have fun!

    Love this.. thank you!!! Great idea, I'll be trying some left handed popcorn & banana ice cream :heart:
  • becs3578
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    My snacks during a week come from the following....

    Vanilla Greek Yogurt - 120cal

    An apple - 80 cal or with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter - 140cal

    2 oz of deli sliced turkey - 60cal

    2 oz of deli sliced ham - 80cal
  • auntiemsgr8
    auntiemsgr8 Posts: 483 Member
    apples with peanut butter
    vanilla greek yogurt
    almonds - love the wasabi from blue diamond
    KIND whole grain bars
    Fiber plus chocolate chip bars when I want chocolate
    fresh fruit
    cheese- love horseradish
  • CarolinkaCjj
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    For parties: I bring baby carrots and cut up apple to sub for some of the other stuff.
    Day in day out: light string cheese and prunes (yes, prunes)
    Light yogurt.

    Oh and pickles. I can eat tons of pickles. Salt be damned.
  • jenny11011
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  • Chefvan
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    i get a bowl of steamed broccoli, sprinkle a little salt, not much. it is sweet, and the most nutritionally dense food their is.
  • meganjcallaghan
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    if i need to feel full and don't want to use up calories i'll have celery and tzatziki or hummus.....or no sugar jello (it's a store brand...i don't know if actual jello company has this). I just eat up the whole pack. 20 calories and water.....s'good
  • vcuchick
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    Frozen greek yogurt dots are genius! I've gotta try this!
    I really love apple chips. You can get organic baked apple chips from Costco, or make them yourself. Since I often crave both crunchy and sweet snacks, they're perfect for both. 1/2 cup is about 90 calories.

    Frozen greek yogurt dots (just dollop it on a wax paper-lined cookie sheet and freeze)
    Roasted Chickpeas
    Caprese Salad

    When I'm lacking ideas, pinterest is my best friend. Just search "healthy snacks." Use your discretion, though, because some of the recipes that pop up aren't healthy at all.
  • alexuh
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    Dried mango
    Quest bars
    Skinny popcorn (Metacalfe's)
    Red apples (Never green :sick:)
    Whatever is in my graze box :smile:
  • banana
    atkins bar
    rice cakes
    granola bar..
    small pot of yogurt..
    10 almonds..
    baby carrots--
  • albayin
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    baby carrots and soy beans.
  • Proper popcorn???? It's lovely and only 88 calories per bag but tastes like much more. You can get it from Tesco but I'm sure it's available else where, anyway it's fab.
  • Aaron_K123
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    My go-to is almonds. But I suppose most people would not consider almonds to be low-calorie so not sure if that is what you are looking for.
  • chopsart
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    1slice 12 grain bread with 1/2 T peanut butter--- very filling
    Hard boiled eggs
  • RHachicho
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    Hartley's 10 calorie jellies. God damn swear by them.
  • Rainboots80
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    Veggies and hummus