When I Have a Great Loss, I Binge! Help!

Hello MFP folks,

On June 1 I will have been on MFP for one year. Didn't really use the application until this past March and have lost the majority of my 24.1 pounds in the last 3 months.

The thing is, I tend to have a loss and then I binge. I need some feedback and accountability that I don't use my most recent success of a 2.2 loss as fuel to go on a two day binge. This is my SOP and I need tools to deal with this self sabatoging behavior.

Your feedback is much appreciated.


  • 95Tashey95
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    Wow, this could have been me writing this post!

    I am really trying now though telling myself that only I am not happy when I overeat and I like being happy. I am in control of that so I am really trying to keep myself happy and viewing like that.
  • Qcrazy
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    I do the same thing, I hope someone has some major insight on this that can help us out!
  • carpe_vinum
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    I do the same thing. I don't know why we keep sabotaging ourselves. My bet is that it would be a therapy gold mine. I am up 13 pounds in the last month and so depressed over it. I went back to kickboxing three days ago and am beating myself up over this gain. Why I keep at this behavior over and over and over again, I just can't understand.
  • moseler
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    I think this all depends on how you look at things... I work hard all week to lose weight, then typically on the weekend I make a pact to just maintain my loss. This way if you decide to eat out at a restaurant, have a few adult beverages, or birthday cake you aren't beating yourself up about it.

    I'm not saying eat everything on the planet... just allow yourself to indulge a bit. If I didn't allow this then I think I would probably fail all together.
  • weird_me2
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    My suggestion is to stop being so strict/aggressive with your weight loss goals. I've struggled with binge eating since I was a teenager and I know that I am much worse when I try to cut my calories too much and try to lose too quickly.

    I've found that setting my weight loss goal to maintain or 1/2 pound per week seems to help me mentally. I have days where I'm under by a little and days where I'm under by a lot, but for some reason, seeing that higher allowance helps me not feel restricted and helps me maintain and be (mostly) binge free. I've been losing at the rate of a bit over 1 pound per week because I do create an additional deficit through exercise usually.
  • melissasue0317
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    right there with you guys! I have been able to lessen my binges over the last 7 months but it still happens. Its usually during super stressful times at home or blatent boredom. The last binge was a week long, I gained 6lbs and hit major self-loathing. But I was able to kick the negativity from motivation from friends/family and lots of support from my MFP friends.

    This is something you can control! If you binge, you binge. But it doesn't define who you are or how your future will be. Don't look back, just keep moving forward and it will work itself out.
  • 95Tashey95
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    Also i am now trying to record the binges in the MFP diary - something i have never done in the past as its easier to deny. Quite a reality check to be honest and actually stopped the last one becoming catastrophic! Tellingyswlf not recording it does notean it didnt happenso i need to face itrather than mindlessly ignore it
  • shining_light
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    I'm with you here too. I agree with carpe_vinum. My reasons for this would be a therapy goldmine. Lol.
  • mnardi123
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    I deal with this too. I'm a recovering emotional over eater. In fact I have in the past allowed the day I get weighed in at the nutritionist to be a "black hole day" where all the calories I eat after seeing her and weighing in "don't count". The fact is, even if I don't log it, the calories will find me.

    What I've been asking myself is do I deserve to hurt myself after all the work I've done? Why do I feel this need to binge? I might not have the answer, but it does typically stop me from going as crazy as I used to. I also stop telling my self the "I'll start again tomorrow" story and make myself start over right then and there. Which means either drinking water, going for a walk, getting myself out of the environment that I've put myself in to binge (which is usually alone either in my car or in my house). I will go put myself in the environment with people or I will call my husband and tell him about my issue because sometimes just "confessing" to someone about your binge is enough for me to stop. Sometimes I need someone else to tell me I deserve to treat myself better. Hope it helps.....
  • Francl27
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    I don't know your goal or anything, but I'm guessing it's because you're restricting yourself too much.

    Set yourself to lose one pound a week, and you'll see that you can eat a decent amount and not feel deprived.
  • Lizzy622
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    How often do you weigh? You may want to weigh less often or switch to a tape measure. For me inches are a motivator to keep losing and making my clothes looser while losing pounds can become permission to binge.
  • wanttolose40lbs
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    I've been trying to be so good on the weekends so this doesn't happen. This weekend I burned so many calories,I only logged the 900 I burned golfing, I had also exercised earlier in the day and burned 500 calories, so I figured I could eat a little bit more. I ended up drinking most of the calories rather than eating them, but I still stayed within my caloric range. On Sunday did a ton of yard work, maybe had a little too many pistachios, but I didn't log any of my yard work. I still ended up gaining 2 lbs, so frustrating.
  • bakokari57
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    Thank you all so much! This is a great forum and I really appreciate your honest and feedback. My goal is 2 pounds a week, so I get about 1470 calories a day. Great comments and ideas everyone!
  • bakokari57
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    I also just picked my Bob Harper's "Skinny Meals" and he reviews at the beginning his 25 skinny rules. One of them is that one meal a week is a splurge. For me this will probably be Sundays after church, when my husband and I go to lunch.