Canadian eh? where the rest of ya at! `



  • WW_Jude_V2
    WW_Jude_V2 Posts: 209 Member
    West coast here - - just outside Vancouver.
  • danahubley
    danahubley Posts: 40 Member
    Morinville, AB. North of Edmonton. :drinker:
  • mamie67
    mamie67 Posts: 6 Member
    Montreal here
  • Chickie25
    Chickie25 Posts: 20 Member
    Ontario - GTA
  • colourfulchaos
    colourfulchaos Posts: 43 Member
    Another Canadian here! Feel free to add
  • skylaatk
    skylaatk Posts: 2
    Hello, my name is sky. I am a single mother to a beautiful three year old girl. I am 24 years old (25 in August!). I live in Ontario, Canada. Been here all my life. I've been using mfp on and off for about 2 years now. I am looking for some good my fitness pal friend to keep me motivated and on track. I have just started living a vegan lifestyle and I'm looking for any advice anyone can give me on my diary goals! Feel free to send me a request!
  • CindyMarcuzAdams
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    Beautiful Port Hope, on the shore of Lake Ontario...will add you.
  • GeraldMorrison
    GeraldMorrison Posts: 1 Member
    Hello Eh?

    Calgary Here :-)
  • Just west of Montreal here. Hi all! :)
  • im in michigan just below you guy! hows it going up there?? Add me for workout motivations and discussions
  • byronyucker
    byronyucker Posts: 49 Member
    Alberta :)
  • Beewallows
    Beewallows Posts: 110 Member
    Ottawa :) And soon to be GTA!
  • Taiser
    Taiser Posts: 81 Member
    Northwestern Ontario in the land of moose and deer! :)
  • Vancouver island here. Originally from Manitoba :)
  • steve0820
    steve0820 Posts: 510 Member
    Originally from NB, currently in the GTA, ON.

  • Sweet725
    Sweet725 Posts: 4 Member
    Canadian born (Edmonton) Have lived all around and now in the US not far from Seattle, WA. Was just in Edmonton area visiting family this past month.
  • 46Phil
    46Phil Posts: 36 Member
    From GTA, but in California now.
  • sabrebrat
    sabrebrat Posts: 11 Member
    I was born in Newfoundland and after a few years away, I've returned to my roots. Happy to be living on the Rock
  • evangelene12
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    Toronto ! - now living in Denmark.