McDonalds! Yes! It is the evil word, but we all love it.
It's your day off you can eat as much McDonalds as you want all day long. Whats your ideal meal?


  • ErinMcMom
    ErinMcMom Posts: 228 Member
    Double quarter pounder with cheese meal (only cheese) with coke. An extra poutine on the side, a 6 pack of nuggets and an oreo McFlurry with chocolate sauce added to it. (If it was magically calorie free... that's what I'd eat)
  • CatrinEluned
    CatrinEluned Posts: 114
    Quarter pounder Meal with OJ.
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,371 Member
    Chicken nuggets with bbq sauce, double cheeseburger, fries with mayo, and a chocolate milkshake (only if everything was suddenly 0 calories, to be honest even on my 'cheat days' I don't want to waste calories on most of those).
  • redversustheblue
    redversustheblue Posts: 1,216 Member
    No, it's not an evil word. And I don't have days off, if I want a bacon egg and cheese Mcgriddle, I make it fit into my day and that's that. And no, I would not ever want to eat it alllllllll day long.
  • corgicake
    corgicake Posts: 846 Member
    Evil must be earned, and they have done far too little earning to deserve that title.
  • tectactoe
    tectactoe Posts: 73 Member
    I eat McDonalds all the time under my macros.

    Go-to meal is a Fillet o' Fish with an Apple Pie. Double Fillet o' Fish if it's in season.

    Breakfast go-to would be bacon, egg, & cheese bagel sandwich, which actually happens to be a lovely Post-WO meal.
  • spicegeek
    spicegeek Posts: 325 Member
    McDonalds! Yes! It is the evil word, but we all love it.

    no we don`t - some of us think it tastes like crap
  • FitMe758
    FitMe758 Posts: 177 Member
    I don't eat it anymore. But I loooove a Big Mac, Large Fries, a quarter pounder with cheese and a ice cream sundae. With a Diet Coke of course.
    I used eat that once a week years ago and still managed to be skinny. Now I drive by McD and I gain 2 pounds :/
  • crohnsfighter
    crohnsfighter Posts: 689 Member
    I agree with Jim Gaffigan's take on McDonald's.

    Just YouTube what he thinks of it.
  • kaliedoskope
    kaliedoskope Posts: 20 Member
    When I ate at McDonalds I liked the quarter pounder with cheese, hazelnut iced coffee and an occasional cherry pie. Now...I never want to set foot in one again.... Don't want to waste my calories on any of it and never crave it either.
  • Factory_Reset
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  • mlyn0812
    mlyn0812 Posts: 31
    Taste-wise: a big Mac, 2 large fries and an Oreo McFlurry
  • kmkgurl
    kmkgurl Posts: 321 Member
    I hate that place. Its disgusting. I'll order a drink though.
  • PunkyDucky
    PunkyDucky Posts: 283 Member
    mmmm! *drooling* :heart:
    I luh me some nuggets, mcChicken, cheeseburger, fish-filet and fries. I'm from Atl so the sweet tea there is Ah-Maay-zing!! <3
  • PinkyFett
    PinkyFett Posts: 842 Member
    I hate McDonald's. Always have. Disgusting stuff.
  • Flutterloo
    Flutterloo Posts: 122 Member
    I actually do not like McDs, lol. It is 100% a last resort thing for me.

    But if I were going to eat anything I wanted from there it would be a McFlurry with oreos. And the absolute freshest batch of fries ever.
  • l_ashley
    l_ashley Posts: 154 Member
    Southern style chicken sandwich
    Large fries
    10 piece nuggets (+ bbq sauce)
    Large coke
    Large snickers McFlurry (do they even make these anymore?)

    Approximate calories: Over 9000
  • jwdieter
    jwdieter Posts: 2,582 Member
    McFlurry sounds reasonable as an option. The food is pretty sad.