So much success in one post! (5K time & pics!)

JengaJess Posts: 109 Member
Sorry in advance for me being in my underwear of half these photos!!
I have always struggled with my weight. I remember writing in my diary in 4th grade about how the other girls thought I was fat. My weight fluctuated as I grew up. Some years of my teens were thinner than others, most bigger than the last.
In 2010, when I was 20, I finally broke the 200lb mark. I stopped weighing myself when I got to 200 lbs. I know I put on more weight. I'm not sure how much.
This is probably me at my biggest. I was pretty good at hiding it, especially in photos, but I think these show it off. Especially in my chubby baby face.
I decided to turn everything around and over the summer of 2011, I lost about 40 lbs in about 3 months! I was down to 160. I looked great. But I had done it aggressively- eating very little, exercising for 2 hours every day, on top of working a some what physically demanding job. I didn't realize how unsustainable it was until I had gotten into a car accident at the end of that summer. I broke my neck in 4 places, and my leg in 2. I was in a wheel chair for 2 months, then walking with a walker, then a cane. Months and months of physical therapy- and the worst part is my best friend passed away in that accident.
My life had been turned upside in so many ways.
A year after the accident, I moved 2000 miles from home, went through a bad break up and continued to struggle with grief, guilt and homesickness. I just couldn't focus on weight loss or apparently maintenance.
By the summer of 2013, I put on most of the weight I had lost, weighing in around 183 lbs.
I was miserable.
I decided it was time to turn things around.
I got to to 177 on my own.
Then in February, I turned to MFP, followed some advice from some awesome people & kicked the low calorie diet to the curb, started eating eating 1700ish calories and weight training.
I'm currently down to 164.5 lbs!

After being in wheel chair, learning how to walk again, going through physical therapy, and then gaining weight- I never thought I'd be a runner. I never had been and I started to think I never could be.
But I've always been to one to rise to a challenge and today I accomplished something I never thought I would- I ran a 5k! I ran the Color Run!
The sexy aftermath.
Not only did I run the whole thing, but I exceeded my expectations and beat my own personal goal (to run it under 30 mins).
I ran it in 26 minutes and 40 seconds!

I'm feeling healthy, happy, strong and accomplished. I should also mention, I'm not hungry all the time!
I feel like a whole new person. And I can't wait to continue living my life as a much more confident young woman :)
Good luck to everyone!


  • _Terrapin_
    _Terrapin_ Posts: 4,302 Member
    Hats off!! The Most Fun Run of the year.
  • Groovyca2022
    Groovyca2022 Posts: 21,378 Member
    Awesome time and you look fantastic.
  • kota4bye
    kota4bye Posts: 809 Member
    Good job! A very respectable time and you look great!
  • jaomommy
    jaomommy Posts: 1
    I'm so sorry about your best friend. You look AMAZING, you're very inspiring!!
  • fooninie
    fooninie Posts: 291 Member
    In case you never thought you would be: YOU ARE INSPIRING! Your story will help motivate me and so many others. Thanks for sharing you story. Through everything, you achieved MORE than you set out for and that is so awesome! You rock. :)
  • FabulousFifty
    FabulousFifty Posts: 1,575 Member
    Great job - so fit and strong!!!
  • ReneeIsReady
    ReneeIsReady Posts: 97 Member
    You are a true and strong survivor...You put the meaning in the phrase "Never give up!"
    Ty for sharing such a sad but yet inspirational story.

    P.S. - You look GREAT:smile:
  • psych101
    psych101 Posts: 1,842 Member
    So much awesome!! :flowerforyou:

    Sorry about your loss x
  • geminside
    geminside Posts: 51 Member
    A-MA-ZING... Congrats!!!
  • MB_Positif
    MB_Positif Posts: 8,898 Member
    Very inspiring! Great time on the race!
  • becs3578
    becs3578 Posts: 836 Member
    What an amazing story!!! Congratulations on all your success and your hard HARD work to get there!
  • WallyH4EverVersion
    WallyH4EverVersion Posts: 172 Member
    Outstanding !! Congratulations in ALL your successes ! You rock!
  • craziedazie
    craziedazie Posts: 185 Member
    You are such an inspiration! !!!
  • PinkyPan1
    PinkyPan1 Posts: 3,018 Member
    You are incredible! I am moved to tears from your post. I am so glad you are doing so well and damn girl you ROCK!!!
  • chelsa1986
    chelsa1986 Posts: 71
    You look AMAZING! Can I ask how tall you are? Again, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MelonJMusic
    MelonJMusic Posts: 121 Member
    Incredibe! Go girl!!!
    What an inspiring life you've lived!
  • RachelRuns9
    RachelRuns9 Posts: 585 Member
    Wow!! You are awesome!!!
  • Merlin813
    Merlin813 Posts: 21 Member
    Great story. Keep it up!
  • marylynn85
    marylynn85 Posts: 496 Member
    Awesome, and you look fantastic.
  • Confidently
    Confidently Posts: 842 Member
    Well done my dear!! You look so healthy!
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