Favorite snacks under 50 calories

My personal favorite are Crunchy Rice Rollers by Bamboo Lane. At 45 calories each they are great. Little sweet, super crunchy and they kind of remind me of the homemade popcorn balls my grandma used to make. Another thing I love is 1 cup of seedless watermelon. (under 50 calls) I am interested in finding some other snacks so please share


  • Snacks in America might be different from UK, but there are alot of low fat/cal biscuit snacks out there that are yummy and take the "sweet" craving away with no bad feeling. What I love for a low fat snack is tomatoes, just normal tomatoes sliced on toast with mustard and pepper ????
  • Francl27
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    Tomato with salt and vinegar
    Mini babybel cheese (light)
    Laughing cow wedge (if you like it plain, lol)
  • yopeeps025
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  • localised
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    it's strawberry season so lots of fresh strawberries! i also like to roll a small amount of smoked salmon around a tsp or two of light cream cheese.
  • alg42
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    steamed sugar snap peas with soy sauce or fresh tomatoes and torn basil with crushed salt
  • SnuggleSmacks
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    Black bean hummus dipped with raw sugar snap peas. Very filling for very few calories.

    Half a Joseph's pita stuffed with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese and a slice of turkey bacon don't have many more cals...around 80 or so.
  • CrescentCityGirl
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    I've never heard of black bean hummus before. Sounds yummy!!
  • seltzermint555
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    Laughing Cow wedge (or similar)
    a FEW semisweet chocolate chips along with 2-3 almonds or 10 raisins
  • SnuggleSmacks
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    I've never heard of black bean hummus before. Sounds yummy!!

    There's lentil hummus as well...they both have fewer calories than regular hummus made from chickpeas. And they're usually spicy.
  • bsmith101112
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    carrots, frigo cheese sticks
  • ohiotubagal
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    Kim's Magic Pops. 15 calories for one large piece. They are like big, flat rice cakes only way better.
  • ValGogo
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    a grapefruit
  • mlegrand79
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    A cup of microwave popcorn is about 25 cals, so you can do 1 cup or 2 cups for 50 cals. The whole bag is about 150 cals, so if I really need a filling snack, my hubby and I split the bag for 75 cals each. And I usually have a half a cup to a cup left and I am full.
  • TenderWalnut
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    Those sound terrific. I will have to check them out
  • gromithere
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    Kashi southwest bbq black bean crisps. 10 chips for 47 calories and just as yummy as regular "chips."
  • tryett
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    Fudgesicles (40 calories)
  • arabianhorselover
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    A reduced fat cheese stick is 50 calories.
  • Arsenal1919
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    Thirty fresh green stringless beans - average 100mm (or 10cm or 4") long.

    Dock the pointy ends and then rinse under the tap. Eat while crisp.

    Fresh flavoursome snack at approx 48-50 calories.

    Only 2g-3g (natural) sugar.

    5g-6g fibre.

    A great crunchy, sweet tasting snack. Very filling!
  • PinkyFett
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    I usually try to keep my snacks under 100... fruit, yogurt, veggies
  • Rachel_Louise85
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    Trader Joe's - Roasted Seaweed snack. You can eat 1/2 a package and it's only 30 calories. :)

    I love Wonderful Pistachios, the Sweet Chili flavor. SO good and only 50 calories for half a pack.

    Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Crisps are super good! You can have 2 pieces for a total of 37 calories.