Struggling, Need support, and advice.



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    I starts consulting a psychologist to find out why I was overeating even though I knew that I was slowly destroying myself. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with willpower. I haven't weighed in in a long while because of all the negative stuff I would tell myself after. My process will take a very long time but I will get there. Sometimes, you need to fix the inside while you're fixing the outside as well. Patience!
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    You can do it. You just need to focus on one thing at a time and get good at it. Find something you can change and do it. Remove pastas from your diet or breads. If it works for you do it and change something else later. Replace it with spiced up veggies. That worked for this broken down old biker. If it doesn't, try something else. We are all different. Find the farthest parking spot at the mall. Get a FitBit and measure your steps and calories burned everyday. It's fun for me to track those things. That works for me. It may or may not work for you.

    Only make small changes over time. Don't try to move from a size 16 to a size 6. Move from a size 16 to a size 14. Small steps. Small victories. Get good friends on MFP who will be supportive and non-judgemental or critical or who are always telling you what to do or that you don't know what you are doing (how is that for a run-on sentence?). There are far too many self-proclaimed experts out there. Find something that works for you darlin' and keep pluggin' away.

    If you want to add me as a friend, go ahead. I just cleaned out my firend list and am starting over because I dropped off MFP for about 6 months and all of my previous friends seemed to have gone into hibernation. I try to keep a fairly small list of people who are commited to a healthy lifestyle.
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    WOW everyone thank you so much for all the great tips. I will try my hardest with keeping things up this week. I would love to see you guys on my friends list.
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    I will tell you I reached my goal (MFP) in fall of 2011. In fact, I came back from vacation even below goal. I was excited and yet I failed to maintain. The maintenance settings for me on MFP turned out to be too high?

    Why is this?

    Well, when I watched the HBO documentary 'The Weight of the Nation' I learned why.

    Those that have ever been on a diet have lower calorie needs in order to maintain than those that have NEVER dieted. That's a fact. (sadly).

    I travel a lot for work and tend to gain a ton back. my new goal is to get back to 144 where my dr was pretty happy but not down to 135 as that was impossible to maintain.
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    Great advice. Thanks.
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    I am willing to try and help keep you motivated and give you support! Sent a FR to you! :)
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    Two suggestions, find what your food triggers are - eating out of boredom? Stress? In front of the TV?

    Once you have established the triggers, find a replacement for resorting to food when you feel the triggers and even make a list and stick it on your fridge of all the things you can do instead of eating when you feel bored or stressed.

    Examples, if you're in front of the TV and you want to snack on chips or ice-cream etc. Instead make yourself a bowl of fruit salad or some cut up fruit and dip. Or a smoothie you can sip on.

    If you're stressed and want to order take-away or eat something unhealthy, instead go for a walk, call a friend to chat, take a hot bath, take a drive to a scenic place.

    Everyone is different and we each need to find our own method, and it doesn't require being yelled at and berated by a crazy trainer!!

    Take baby steps, break it all down in to manageable tasks and accomplish one at a time. Once you get in to new healthy habits, it will become a part of your new life.

    Writing things down, posting motivational quotes and pictures in places you'll see them, reading fitness blogs etc will remind you what you want to achieve and keep it as a daily focus.

    You can do anything, but it needs to be your way - not someone else's way.
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    When you truly want to lose the weight and keep it off. Every single thing you do is for the weight loss. It's like you will become a fanatic once you see it in the mirror.
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    I totally get what you are saying. For me, I usually last about 2 months and then fall off the wagon. This time I'm doing well and have kept it up for almost 4 months. For me, I think what is different this time is that I've accepted this is going to take a long time. The first 10-20lbs are easy to lose. They happen pretty quickly and that is very motivating. As my weight loss slows down, I lose interest.

    I realized that I can't stop living because I'm on a diet. If I want something (usually alcohol is my problem) I have it. I don't beat myself up about it. Then I will get right back on the wagon and do an extra hour at the gym or eat super healthy for the rest of the week. As I see more and more results I want the bad thing less.

    For me, I have to look at the overall picture and not the 30+ lbs I want to lose. If you focus on what you want to lose and it doesn't happen fast enough then you are setting yourself up to fail. Look at the big picture. Sure, I have a big *kitten*...but it's smaller than it was yesterday and tomorrow it will likely be smaller still.

    Feel free to send me a friend request.
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    It's been hard for me too .drink 64 oz water 30min of exercise .it works for me I drop 30 took 3months I'm still drinking & workingout
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    That's what's hard I really truely want this. I keep having set backs.

    Yep. I said I "really wanted to lose" for years too, but I was just talking the talk. It takes discipline and forming new habits to begin to walk the walk. Eating gluten when you know it causes you pain is just one example. Determine what your setbacks are and then work to get them out of your way.

    When you are ready to lose the weight, you will. It will be your purpose. It will be important enough that you will no longer let excuses get in your way.

    This was me until this time around. I can't eat all the crap without having my sugar go up and down. After having 5 sugar episodes in one week ( sugar bottomed out and leaves me shaky and nauseous) I made up my mind, it's now or never. I don't want to be on insulin. I don't want to scare my kids anymore and I really really don't want them feeding me Orange juice to pop it back up quickly when I can maintain it by eating properly and losing weight.

    When your ready it will be your mission in life. I don't mean that you will become this person that's says no I can't have that, you will become this person that says if I have that it has to fit my day and if it doesn't I have to workout more or harder. Good luck and please feel free to add me if you want some motivation or just someone who has been in the same situation.
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    As long as you have the right motivation, it's really not hard. Make some good friends on here and you can figure it all out real quick!
  • JennyHollyHansen
    One thing that made all the difference in being successful is asking myself what is more important?
    1. to eat this _____(put whatever food you are holding) right now or
    2. to look the way i want for a) summer b) my sexy partner c)boys and girls in general or onlookers.

    Sometimes I needed the instant gratification and ate; but many times I decided that I did not want to give up looking good for 5 minutes of chewing.

    We have this choice every time we eat. I try to make this a conscious choice before anything goes in my mouth.
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    Hey Lizzie I hope you will be fine!
    I can understand your pain because getting fat for a women is a biggest threat!
    But now in today's world getting fat for a man is also a bi deal!
    I use to do strict diet for the first week but after that again i switch back to my old eating habits
    What should i do i am really tense