730 Days and Counting



  • GorillaNJ
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    You my friend are awesome! Its easy to forget sometimes how far we come, and assume that our friends have always been the person we know now. I can only picture you as the confident girl with the beautiful smile and funny sense of humor. Keep kicking @$$!
  • ew_david
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    Amazing progress, friend!
  • chasingdreams18
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    You look amazing :flowerforyou: Congrats on your 2 years :bigsmile:
  • BonecrusherBrews
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    Great job! Very inspiring. You're awesome. {{high five}}
  • downsizinghoss
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    you are amazing! Damn fine work!
  • wheird
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    Wow, I had never seen your before pics before. I am impressed!
  • Escloflowne
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  • 1HappyRedhead
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    Beautiful! :flowerforyou:
  • EddieHaskell97
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    Yet another in the multitude of reasons I have such total admiration for one of my oldest and dearest MFP friends! Some people write "amazing", and "awesome" without really thinking about what those words mean, but with your accomplishments the intended sentiment of those words is never more genuine; You truly are an inspiration!

    Congratulations on your two years or accomplishment! You have, and continue to do an astounding job, and you look damned good doing it, silver_arrow3!
  • amatolauren
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    happy 2 years.

    you really look great. im going to add you i just wanna know your journey some more :).

    haha now your EX will want you back lol __ jk
  • MiloBloom83
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    Amazing! You look great!
  • IpuffyheartHeelsinthegym
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    you're a freaking rockstar!! A smoking HOT rockstar!! So proud, friend!!
  • Ashwee87
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    Amazing! Wow!
  • Nataliegetfit
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    you look truly amazing. I am glad you kept with it, Every time I stop logging and exercising for a few months I weigh 10 pounds more the next time I start back up again. I am determined to get healthy and live healthy the rest of my life. You are really a great role model for us. Keep up the good work and be happy with your accomplishments.
  • Sharon_C
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    I'm a lot like you. I've stalled at the (almost) 30 pound mark and have struggled to lose any more. But I discovered weight lifting and I've been losing inches. Isn't it amazing what our bodies can do when we treat it right?

    BTW, that last dress is beautiful! I love it and you look amazing!
  • RachelRuns9
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    It's really inspiring for me to see stories that take longer than just 6 months because you really took the time to get healthy and strong and now it's sustainable. I appreciate that so much.

  • tropicaltiger
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    I am like you lost over 100 pounds and for me I found running lifting clean eating works-be proud-you look stunning:smile:
  • leantool
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    You are awesome and people like you make this place special.
  • Arydria
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    Congratulations on your second anniversary, and you look great!

    Love the dress in the last photo!!
  • Behxo
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    Wow you are gorgeous, very impressive! Keep it up! :drinker: