730 Days and Counting



  • beautifullyblessed16
    beautifullyblessed16 Posts: 180 Member
    Amazing and beautiful!
  • 40andFindingFitness
    40andFindingFitness Posts: 497 Member
    Great job! I know the feeling about wanting to be able to lift heavy *kitten*. I just want to be fit and strong as well. While I keep an eye on the scale now and then, I'm more concerned with upping my strength and watching my inches fall off. Keep up the good work!
  • tedrickp
    tedrickp Posts: 1,229 Member
    Absolutely awesome job!
  • Fitfully_me
    Fitfully_me Posts: 647 Member
    Great job!
    That dress looks great on you!
  • bizgirl26
    bizgirl26 Posts: 1,808 Member
    Wow. You look so great!
  • La_Malfaisante
    La_Malfaisante Posts: 1,509 Member
    Great story! :flowerforyou: You look beautiful!
  • SkinnyBubbaGaar
    SkinnyBubbaGaar Posts: 389 Member
    For me, the most striking change is the confidence, contentment and satisfaction that radiates from your expression in that final photo.

    Solid work and results.

    Congrats on the success and thanks for putting it all out here in MFP-land so that your story can inspire and encourage us all.
  • TomTomato
    TomTomato Posts: 223
    Even though your pictures are blocked here at my work place, I can still see your profile pix and you look incredible! Your attitude and personality radiate confidence. YOU ROCK my friend! ... and you get to play with rockets! Thank you for sharing with us.
  • DeltaZero
    DeltaZero Posts: 1,197 Member
    Bumpitiy bump.
  • EmmieBaby
    EmmieBaby Posts: 1,235 Member
  • KShufflebarger08
    KShufflebarger08 Posts: 19 Member
    I'm inspired. As a girl with PCOS, this gives me hope that this can happen for me too!
  • Chimis_Siq
    Chimis_Siq Posts: 849 Member
    Thank you for being so honest. Love it. It sounds like me. My scale moved in the first 3 months..and maybe a little in the next 3 months. I havent moved in the last 9 months..however I did empty my fat clothes and fit into smaller clothes.

    Thank you for giving me hope!
  • lili61
    lili61 Posts: 231 Member
    Fantastic! Lifting does wonders.
  • Pirate_chick
    Pirate_chick Posts: 1,216 Member

  • silver_arrow3
    silver_arrow3 Posts: 1,373 Member
    Bumpitiy bump.
  • Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary! You look amazing - your hard work and dedication are showing. (Your expression shows how great you feel, too.)

    AND ... You've just inspired me to get my **** back together after a very lazy week. Thanks! I needed that.
  • Ezzmie
    Ezzmie Posts: 41 Member
    You look amazing!

    Thank you for sharing your story and providing some much needed inspiration!
  • PJPrimrose
    PJPrimrose Posts: 916 Member
    Amazing! Absolutely amazing!!! I'm so proud of your progress and your success! I'm motivated and inspired by all your dedication and hard work!
  • sweetcurlz67
    sweetcurlz67 Posts: 1,168 Member
    Beautiful!!! :flowerforyou:
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