Anyone having hobbies contractdictive to loosing weight?

harhir Posts: 4
Mine is homebrewing and Cider making and I really need to cut down on the intake of my own brews...


  • miss_jessiejane
    miss_jessiejane Posts: 2,820 Member
    I bake a lot. I just bring all the stuff I bake to work though, so it's not just sitting around, waiting for me to eat it.
  • laynerich15
    laynerich15 Posts: 1,918 Member
    Tattoos. northing worse than not being able to keep your blood sugar up during a 6hr sit
  • La_Malfaisante
    La_Malfaisante Posts: 1,509 Member
    Wine drinking :drinker: I'd eat salad the whole day just to be able to drink a bottle of wine...:laugh:
  • ew_david
    ew_david Posts: 3,474 Member
    Hanging out here all damn day.
  • Capt_Apollo
    Capt_Apollo Posts: 9,028 Member
    my hobbies are all pretty much active stuff. swimming, cycling, running, snowboarding, and whatever.

    my only hobbies that aren't active like that are wine making/drinking and video games. i rarely play video games any more. and wine making is awesome. i'll never stop that.
  • fbmandy55
    fbmandy55 Posts: 5,288 Member
    Bowling. I bowl on leagues and everyone gets bowling alley food for dinner during that 3 hours. And Booze.

    Also, smoking.
  • Collier78
    Collier78 Posts: 811 Member
    I bake..alot...I am always trying new things, mainly cupcake and frosting recipes because I tend to be my friends and families go to person for special occaision cakes and such. I used to taste everything, now I have my husband taste it and if he is super impressed I'll taste it. Like this weekends strawberry buttercream was amazeballs...
  • marmain
    marmain Posts: 25 Member
    I bake a lot, and was getting interested in learning some cake decorating techniques. But I really need to lay off of it for a while, because baked goods are my weakness!
  • the_great_beyond_
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    Posting on MFP
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  • ChelinIL
    ChelinIL Posts: 14 Member
    Yah.. century bike rides with rest stops every 15 miles with home-baked goods. :-p
  • salembambi
    salembambi Posts: 5,605 Member
    Tattoos. northing worse than not being able to keep your blood sugar up during a 6hr sit

    too true
  • MassiveDelta
    MassiveDelta Posts: 3,313 Member
    I make small batch cranked ice cream.
  • TamTastic
    TamTastic Posts: 19,224 Member
    I am a foodie through and through. I love to cook and bake and try new restaurants, etc etc. So just have to exercise a lot and be in control! :wink:
  • EddieHaskell97
    EddieHaskell97 Posts: 2,227 Member
    Brewing and drinking craft beer. Using my size to take brownies from petite bakers when I'm tipsy and hangry.
  • Phoenix__Rising
    Phoenix__Rising Posts: 9,981 Member
    Yes. Food!! You name it, it's my hobby. Lol
  • rowlandsw
    rowlandsw Posts: 1,166 Member
    Video games but you can lose weight with those these days. Come to think of it i have very few hobbies.
  • knitapeace
    knitapeace Posts: 1,013 Member
    Knitting, obvs. Not really conducive to cardio unless you want the nickname "Patch."
  • Hornsby
    Hornsby Posts: 10,324 Member
    Let's just say.....I want to live in Colorado.