UK friends?



  • 86sarahb
    86sarahb Posts: 84 Member
    Leeds, feel free to add me :drinker:
  • haleema93
    haleema93 Posts: 70
    i'm from the north west UK. feel free to add :)
  • robmac13h
    robmac13h Posts: 44 Member
    scotland also
    anyone feel free to add me
  • punkuate
    punkuate Posts: 127 Member
    Scotland too. Always happy to have more support! :)
  • marshallexi
    marshallexi Posts: 162 Member
    Londoner. Happy to add anyone for motivation and diary snooping. :)
  • add me :)
  • snooziebunny
    snooziebunny Posts: 15 Member
    Hi! Good luck with it, I'm starting properly tomorrow - been playing around with the site the last couple of days just to get back in to it (this is my second attempt - lost 1.5stone the first time, but put it back on!) - This time its permanent! Anyway - I should be logged on most days and in Cornwall. And anyone else who would like to add me please do - I need all the help I can get! :wink:
  • sgvdms
    sgvdms Posts: 33 Member
    I'm from the UK (London), have lost 20kg overall, feel free to add :)
  • thebigcb
    thebigcb Posts: 2,210 Member
    Ireland, feel free to add
  • Added you all, wowzers, lots of UK buddies! Thanks everyone :)
  • scootergirl515
    scootergirl515 Posts: 2 Member
    Helloooo everyone, would love to have some mutual weight loss friends to support and be supported on this journey, I have around 93 pounds I want to loss .... please add me, wish me luck and in return I can be your cheer leader too :-) ... ty in advance Opps by the way I work in London and live in Essex !
  • Hi everyone!
    I'm from East Sussex!
  • Amy1527
    Amy1527 Posts: 18
    Hi, UK'er here too!! I'm in Leicestershire, new to the logging and community thing, happy for anyone to add me.

    Good luck everyone!!! ????????
  • 101sal
    101sal Posts: 43 Member
    Cardiff here, log in daily, anyone reading this post feel free to add me, the more the merrier :-) good luck all:smile:
  • Sidpandy
    Sidpandy Posts: 14 Member
    Hi Feel free to add me x
  • sofagreen
    sofagreen Posts: 12 Member
    Hello.....:) Essex and London here add away!
  • sonikwizdom
    sonikwizdom Posts: 56 Member
    add me :)
  • _mr_b
    _mr_b Posts: 300 Member
    Am over in Berkshire - feel free to add me.

    Also, check out the UK group/community on here too :)
  • siport
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  • LauraJane2407
    LauraJane2407 Posts: 13 Member
    Hi, I live in Glasgow. Looking for lots of UK support! Log in everyday (as long as I have internet access - sometimes I like to venture way out of the city!) Please add me