NSV: Ran My First 5k!

ErinMcMom Posts: 228 Member
6 weeks ago I started using the c25k app. When I began I couldn't even run to the mailbox on my street (less than 2 minutes run). Today I ran my first 5k at Color Me Rad in Toronto! It was so much fun that I didn't want it to end and if my friends had been up to it I would have jumped back into line for the next heat and done it all again!
If you've got a colour run coming to a city near you, you should go do it. AMAZING amounts of fun!


  • Jlennhikes
    Jlennhikes Posts: 290 Member
    Nice job! It's amazing how fast people can become runners when they decide to do it. 10k next?
  • sundog10
    sundog10 Posts: 1,398 Member
    Congratulations. your first race is always so much fun. glad it was a good one. Keep it up!!
  • jmcdonald2011
    jmcdonald2011 Posts: 181 Member
    YAY!! that is awesome! I too am doing my first 5K at the Winnipeg Colour Me Rad this weekend!
  • skippygirlsmom
    skippygirlsmom Posts: 4,433 Member
  • scb515
    scb515 Posts: 133 Member
    I did my first 5k last week. It's a good feeling, isn't it? Signed up for your next race yet?
  • hill2423
    hill2423 Posts: 15 Member
    Congratulations!!! My first 5K was a Color Run on my Birthday (June 29) and I enjoyed it. I am so proud of my accomplishment and ready to do another one.
  • Care76
    Care76 Posts: 556 Member
    Way to go!
  • SamanthaRonnie
    SamanthaRonnie Posts: 49 Member
    Thats great! Well done!
  • angieroo2
    angieroo2 Posts: 973 Member
    Congrats! I ran my first 5k a month ago, it was a lot of fun. On to the next one!
  • Tiff050709
    Tiff050709 Posts: 497 Member
    GREAT JOB!!! That is a wonderful accomplishment!

    I look forward to when I finally can say the same. The longest I have run nonstop is 2 miles. And I have never run outside, only on the treadmill and I don't know how different it will be. I am super nervous.
  • benaddict
    benaddict Posts: 1,381 Member
    Congratulations!! I'm working up to my first 5K too. I've registered for one in October, might be registering for one in September if I feel prepared... There's a color run coming to my city and I want to do it!
  • plumsparkle
    plumsparkle Posts: 203 Member
    Great nsv!! That's an amazing achievement :)
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