I guess rice is my enemy..



  • JennyHollyHansen
    I am a huge fan of sushi and curry. However when I have being going to local restaurants around Vancouver, they all add sugar to the rice to make it taste better. I recommend asking to make sure you know what you are ingesting with your rice.
  • berriboobear
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    Rice was my downfall (typical Asian). Try modifying your servings (eat in moderation!) and the type of rice and how it's prepared (what sauce or extras you eat with it).

    Believe it or not, I now don't really eat rice that much at all. I went from eating a lot everyday to only craving it once in a while.

    If you *must* get it from the restaurant, divide it in portions to split between days. You don't need to eat it all at one sitting or on one day! Spread the goodness over a few days :)
  • contingencyplan
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    Estimating the calorie content of what you're getting when you go out to eat is difficult if not impossible. Even if nutrition information is available what you're actually getting could be way off. If you're not comfortable with this, eat at home more and eat out less. If you limit your restaurant sessions to once every couple weeks or so then really regardless of how much or how little you're off by it won't matter one single bit in the grand scheme of things.
  • Ang108
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    Eating spanish or fried rice gets you in the neighborhood of 500 calories ( and sometimes even more ) per cup of prepared rice.
    I lived for almost 20 years in Asia and now for almost just as long in Mexico and developed a rice addiction. But even eating just white , steamed rice often three times a day got me way over the calories I needed and greatly contributed to my weight gain.
    Rice by itself is not the enemy ( even white rice is ok ) IF you eat it in the appropriate amounts. Of course if the rice is cooked with a lot of fat ( usually the unhealthy kind ) and laced with food scraps that are also cooked in fat, or fatty meats there is really not much you get to enjoy in calorie appropriate amounts.
    If I had to have spanish or fried rice, I would only eat it if I cooked it myself and was in control of the ongredients; their quality as well as the amounts. I would especially not eat fried rice in a restaurant, because there it is usually cooked from left over stuff without much control over the quality of the ingredients.
  • MelodyandBarbells
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    So there's an entry called "waytoomuch" for Chinese buffet. That's the one I use anymore :tongue: one serving is like 1500 calories or something


    At least this much (1000 calories)
    1 feast (950 calories)
    My average Chinese buffet trip (1634 calories)
  • KylaDenay
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    Finding good recipes and making your own rice at home is a lot better than just giving it up all together. Why go from restaurant rice to no rice at all? Learn to cook it at home, if you feel it wont come out right then try a rice cooker :)....good luck!
  • DanaDark
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    People here are right. Cook rice at home. Make your own and you'll know.

    I regularly enjoy some brown rice with bell peppers, scrambled egg, and some lean meats mixed together.
    I hear ya taste! I agree with the advice the above poster JaneiR is giving you.

    I say still eat it. It's probably high. Just don't do it often. Go out once a month for a treat be conscious of how much you are eating and Log it on the high side. You can play around at home and see if you can find something to make similar that will do. But I haven't found that something yet LOL
  • leon0897
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    Ok does anyone have an estimate of how many calories are in a typical lunch or dinner portion of pork fried rice or yellow rice and peas from a spanish restaraunt? I realize that making it myself will be ideal, but I'm just curious to the calories when I eat out. Again I don't know if its hundreds or thousands of calories in the rice in general. Even when i read the goya box to try to have a comparision they use uncooked rice but I don't know how that equates to cooked.
  • Hornsby
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    Here is the deal. Even if the rice is 700 calories, and you don't log it at all, that would only equate to .2lb error. There are tons of ways you can make that up throughout the week. There is no need to panic or feel guilty over having some food that you enjoy. Eat the rice, do your best guesstimate, and move on. The error in calories will be so minimal that it's not worth worrying about, and definitely not worth giving up a treat that you truly enjoy.
  • princessmommy122
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    Here is a good link...http://www.buzzle.com/articles/fried-rice-calories-in-fried-rice.html. This link is per cup. Why not take a measuring cup with you once or twice an measure what they give you. After you do this a couple of times you should be able to eyeball how many cups you are eating. I would assume either fried rice or spanish rice would have a similar caloric value.
  • Sirinya55
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    Now this is my area of expertise...rice is my best friend :)
  • nixxthirteen
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    Presidents Choice white rice is 160 calories per half cup uncooked. Lately I eat that stuff DAILY. Rice is not the enemy :)!
  • contingencyplan
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    Cooked, because of the water added, equates to roughly double the amount as uncooked. So 1/2 uncooked because 1 cooked. Regarding restaurant food there is NO WAY to get an idea of how much is in one restaurant's vs. another. Your only solution is to make sure you eat it so infrequently that it's not going to matter.
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    Rice is awesome!
  • juggernaut1974
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    Make some at home...

    Take out a scale/measuring cups and measure out what 1/2 cup looks like after you dump it on a plate.

    Ditto for 1 cup

    Ditto for 100g

    etc etc etc.

    Train yourself to be able to fairly accurately estimate the portion size.

    Once you have that under control - ask someone at the restaurant if they can give you a list of ingredients that goes into their rice. Enter the ingredients into the MFP recipe builder, set a portion size, and use your newly trained estimation skills to log it when you eat it.

    It's probably not going to be 100% spot on accurate, but will get you in the ballpark.