NSV: new pants and belt :)

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Hi all,

Just wanted to share because my family just roles their eyes at these :)

I'm down roughly 28 lbs since starting and it was time to admit that my pants were getting a little too big for me (ok falling off). So I went to buy new jeans figuring I went down a size. Well woohoo I went from 38 (relaxed fit) jeans (that were, ahem, snug) to 34 (relaxed fit) that fit perfect in the store! The problem is that after wearing them a few days they're loose on me so I need to check out the regular fit soon :)

Ok, so they're vanity sizing (even for men, geez) but a NSV is a NSV :)

8 more lbs to go and then I'm at my first goal (180lbs on a 5'11" large frame) as that was my "heavy" weight when I was doing Karate many moons ago (≈165-170 was my "light" weight, ≈10% BF (measured), yeah BMI didn't work for me then) but I had way more muscle mass so I'm going to revise my goal weight to 175 and then start a lifting program to get some muscle mass back. I figure 20 years later I'm allowed a little more padding :)

Thanks for this site, without it I would have never lost this weight. The tool and reading on the boards were what I needed.

Take care,



  • CONGRATS!!!!! :smile: :flowerforyou: Thats an amazing feeling and to have lost that much you are doing an amazing job! Keep rocking it!:glasses:
  • __hannah_
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    Congrats! Keep up the good work!
  • sashafischang
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    Way to go! Keep it up!
  • annemariemk4
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    Congrats :) That's great!
  • Fit_Fox88
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    That is fantastic!! I've been denying myself a much needed work clothes shopping trip b/c I don't want to spend the money although all my pants are too big. Keep up the good work!!! :drinker: :flowerforyou:
  • Baratta930
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    Thanks all,

    We're heading out on vacation for 2 weeks so it was definitely time to get some things that fit :)

    Now I just need to keep up with my logging while traveling.

    Thanks again,

  • beverlywesterby
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    Awesome job!!!
  • elghee123
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    NSV is definitely an achievement!!
    You've done a good joB!
  • branbuds
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    Excellent! Congrats on the NSV! Have a great holiday and keep on tracking while away :smile: