Pick ONE food you could make zero calories



  • sculli123
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  • tobiasmom
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    There are other foods I like as much, but it's easier to eat smaller portions of them. Like bacon and chocolate. Chips I just can't get enough of. So I very rarely eat them.

    Beer would be a close second though.
  • LaurenBrooke1843
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    Wine!! I just want calorie free wine, is that really so much to ask?! ;)
  • macchiatto
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    Ice cream.
    Though pizza or chicken tikka masala would be awesome too.
  • breakyoface
    breakyoface Posts: 160 Member
    Cheese pizza or anything from Starbucks
  • JLoescher01
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    chocolate. cheesecake. chocolate cheesecake :love:
  • Mashed potatoes.
  • Building_Bulk
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  • Phoenix__Rising
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    Chips [do I have to be specific?]
  • ItsMeGee3
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    buffalo wings
  • williams969
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    Bacon. Even better--magical bacon that fulfills all my daily macros and micros perfectly without having to plan around it. Sigh.
  • PinkyFett
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    I want some so bad.

    I might risk going WAY (about 500 cal) over my calorie goal today for some later.

    I've been under a whole bunch this week, so it evens out, right? :bigsmile:
  • williams969
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    buffalo wings

    OMG! YES!!! I changed my mind. I can always make bacon "work." But I have yet to figure out how a giant mound of wings from my favorite wing place will fit (I do NOT believe in cheat meals--for ME--YMMV, folks!)
  • JenniTheVeggie
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    Without a doubt...nachos.
  • angf0679
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    chocolate. anything chocolate
  • Mishy
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    peanut butter
  • EmpireBusiness
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  • KameHameHaaa
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    I know it says pick ONE but..I just..can't...so many foods...

    Savory: Sushi or pizza. I could survive off these two things.

    Sweet: Cheesecake or brownies.
  • klfoster88
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  • aedreana
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    Vegetable oil!