• madisunbaker
    I've been drinking a gallon of water (24oz Bottle x 5). I set times to have them finished by 9am, 11am, 1pm, 5pm & before bed... I sometimes squeeze a lemon in there if I'm bored, but I love water so the taste isn't a problem for me.
    lucky you!:laugh:
  • LittleMiss1D10
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    What usually works for me is having a water bottle with me all the time, and I'm usually able to drink 7-8 cups of water per day
  • tennisdude2004
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    Try infusing with some coffee granules - works for me!
  • TheresaTester
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    Try infusing with some coffee granules - works for me!

    This is a great idea--works for me!!
  • jj_jupiter
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    Try herbal tea, hot or cold. Right now I'm drinking licorice.

    Also, I have a 2 Liter bottle of water at work and I have to finish the whole thing before I go home.
  • earlnabby
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    I love fizzy water, both plain and flavored, so I bought myself a SodaStream. It comes with two 1 liter bottles so I fizz 2 of them in the morning and drink them over the course of the day. Sometimes I will squeeze a little lemon or lime in it. Same as any other seltzer (LaCroix, Klarbrunn, etc): no calories, no sodium, no anything unless it is in tap water filtered through a Pur pitcher. I also don't have to deal with hauling cases of bottles or cans as well as the emptys.
  • HereLieWe
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    I fill a gallon tub with one of the following:

    - lemon juice, water (with or without a splash of diet sprite), splenda
    - green tea bags, water, splenda
    - apple-flavored drink mix, water (and if I'm feeling generous, a cup or two of real apple juice)
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  • JennyHollyHansen
    Personally, I can relate to not liking the taste of water....for the longest time. But that was because it is bland compared to pop, juice, smoothies, tea, and coffee. I had to cut that stuff all out and reset my taste buds. I now can enjoy a glass of water or herbal tea not loaded with sugar or sweetener. It is a choice that worked for me to hit my goals, but I know it does not work for everyone - and is on the more strict side. It has been very successful for health and weight loss though.
  • Sharonmdenham
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    Does anyone have any tips on how they drink the total eight glasses of water? In order to be healthier, I would really like to drink more. However, I have always found it plain and tasteless, and I usually only end up drinking four glasses. Any help?:huh:

    I used to hate water and avoid it. Now I drink it to keep my body going. Your body needs the 64 ounces for basic functioning of every day life. Now add in exercise and you need to drink more than the 8 cups because you are sweating it out instead of hydrating your organs. I have a cup showing how many ounces the cup has, but I also will just add up the ounces from the bottled water. The bottles I buy are 16.9 ounces each. Most mornings before I get to work at 8am I have already drank 3 bottles, that is 50.7 ounces, then I drink another 3 bottles at work, one on the way home, one at dinner and two at the gym. That is 169 ounces a day. It isn't hard anymore knowing that if I don't take care of my internal organs I may not have full functioning organs when I get older. Before January 2014 I did not care now I do.
  • gobifree59
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    I agree with the other posters that you shouldn't count the water in fruits, veg., smoothies, etc. Water is sooooo important to other functions besides losing weight! It lubricates your joints, helps in elimination, gives you nice skin, etc. Eight glasses is just a rule of thumb and the MINIMUM! My chiropractor even goes one step further in stressing the importance of water. He said you should drink the amount of water, IN OUNCES, that is 1/2 your body weight. So if you weigh 160, you should be drinking 80 oz. of water which is 10, 8 oz. glasses! We are a water starved society! Most of us are walking around in a dehydrated state!

    A couple of tips: Put lemon or orange slices in your water if you don't like it plain. When you go out to eat, always order water. Upon waking, down a glass of water. When working out, always drink at least 8 oz. I keep a stack of pennies on my counter and when I drink a glass, I line them up in a row--visual reminders work for me!!
  • HappilySingle
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    How do you add coconut to the infuser?
  • CoreyGDS
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    I use Xtend BCAA......comes in a bunch of flavours, like grape, mango, lemonade.....8 I think. I don't every water bottle but I also use , maybe 1/3 of the scoop & thats for my taste. I have to admit they rase pretty damn good. Grape.....is like a grape drink etc.. & they are BCAA's so win, win....teas, sometimes I have a fruity tea and get them to put a small squirt of sugar free syrup to make it tastier (I don't like tea much) and just a bit not making it sweet, coffees.....then theres your fruits, like Lemon's etc.......also Stevia, comes in flavours and you can drop some in water, I know they have orange flavour and its a great sweetener to use... I was told the other day that Crystal Light has a liquid squirt sweetened with sucralose (splenda) and not aspartame. Mixed reviews on Splenda but better than aspartame......dont have to use it much tho..

    oh I also have seen Apps that you can keep taps on Water intake but another easy is to set the Alarm on the mobile phone, goes off grab that water, marking a bottle helps too..
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    Dont listin to anyone here that is telling you to put artificial flavors in your water, or to try and get you water from other sources like fruits or smoothies which is absolutely ridiculous, for one fruits dont have enough water in them and will not help you at all for a water source unless your stranded on a deserted island! You need gallons of water a day now how much of that do you think you will get from a fruit? Not enough to count for anything, and trying to get a good source of water from a smoothie is just as ridiculous as it sounds, where do you plan on getting it from the ice? Being most smoothies base are some type of milk or yogurt, if you drink them every day you will definitely gain weight! That being said if you want a good source of water the best place to get it from is guess what "WATER" you just need to get used to it and try your hardest not to drink the rest of the things that are bad for you like soda and juices. Plus dont forget the benefits to drinking water instead of, soda juice, or "smoothies" lol which are packed with sugars and calories remember water has absolutely no calories or sugars ( thats why you should never add anything to your water) so think about that next time your drinking something other then water that alone should help it taste better, if that doesn't do it all I can offer is, ice cold water, Ice cold water can be alote more refreshing then water at room temperature plus try exerciseing, any type of exercise will make your body crave water and want to down water with no problem hope this helps and good luck on you healthy life choice the first step is trying

    People need gallons of water per day, eh? :laugh:
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    Fill your glass with ice and squeeze half a lime into it.
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    I like to drink some of my water as coffee, and some of it as beer.