so ive always had issues with overeating and its gotten to the point where i don't know im full untill im in physical pain. this past week i have binged every night on about 2000 calories and today has been the worst binge of my life. I dont understand why my relationship with food is such a struggle and im starting to develop emotional issues with food. It would be so helpful if you could give me some tips on how to prevent binges and some tips for detoxing because right now i am so bloated and have gained like 3 kilos in the space of one week. I really need the help.
x sarah


  • hatake_kakashi
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    Hey Sarah,

    I'm not a professional so I would suggest you ask your doctor about your binging habit as we all know it is not healthy especially in a long term basis. But base on my personal experience, I binge when I feel that I deserve food to ease some emotions that I am suffering, for example after a depressing situation (girl friend break up, failed examination, etc.) I eat ice cream, cake, fries, whatever i feel like however my binging is only for that day after that I collect myself and face the issue, by answering the question, what do i do next? how do i fix it? or find an empowering meaning about the failure and get out of the situation as a better person

    I also know quite a few individuals who does the same thing, so i guess we humans reach out to food as a way to get out of our emotional pain. Some people work their butt off in the gym when they are upset / depressed which is a better alternative (as long as you are careful and don't hurt yourself).

    As for me, after my binging (one meal or two or three but no more than 1 day) I face the issue by answering the questions above, decide to be better than this, work out and I also pray a lot to God, i don't know your religious back ground but I am Catholic and I find peace praying to God.

    I hope that helps, but like what i said please consult a professional like your doctor and ask him/her the best medical advice.
    Take care!
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    Your hight weight and open diary will help determine how many calories you approximately need.And also not all of this 3 kg weight is fat,some is undigested food and water weight.

    That said,MOST IMPORTANT is for you to seek professional help,ED is not a light matter to toy with in the forums,if you are attending school then talk to a counsellor. meanwhile you may replace more sugary and sodium laden foods with raw veggies like carrots and cucumbers etc. Take care .
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    I've been doing that too. I think it's like addiction when you start to binge little and then if you don't stop while it's easy you snowball. I personally found that, at least for me, like most other addictions really, it take very much willpower. Like you just have to stop. What I did is stopped slowly, what I found was easier that just stop it all in one day. So I kept eating like crazy only less and less every week (or every few days, whatever your schedule should be) until I could control it. While if I would say "that's it I'm stopping NOW", not gonna happen. You have to decrease slowly if you went so far just like with cigarettes for example - very rarely you will be able to go straight from 3 packs a day to zero a day, too much. Also I drunk a lot of water before my binge to make myself feel fuller and ate a lot of greens to get used to actually eating less calories.