Girl picked last in high school gym class-until yesterday!

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Back in my high school days I used to ALWAYS be picked last in gym. Noone wanted me on their team. I figured I just wasn't athletic. Well, if my gym teacher could see me now. I did my first kettlebell sport competition yesterday and won 1st in my weight class in the longcycle with my 12 kg bell(longcycle is 10 min of continuous clean and jerks with only one hand switch allowed, bell is never allowed to touch the ground and there is no rest.)



I used to have issues as well with binging for a long time.Having a comp like this where it was perfomance based instead of aesthetics really helped me. Everything started to fall into place anyways, as my focus turned towards getting on the platform and lifting my kettlebell. I want to be a better athlete and so happy I found kettlebell sport. I am an athlete, I just had to find the right sport for me!


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    This is great! Congratulations, and keep up the good work!
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    That's awesome! Congrats on finding the sport for you!
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    This is amazing. Congratulations on placing 1st!
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    Holy bad *kitten*! Please don't hit me with that kettle bell :smile:
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    Great job!!!!:smile:
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    Thanks guys! I had so much fun. I met some great, strong women at the competition. I was so honored to be lifting besides them and cannot wait to compete AGAIN. It is highly addictive!
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    This is so cool! :)
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    That is beyond awesome!! Congrats!
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    I LOVE this soooo much!!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing!:heart::drinker:
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    Congratulations, that's fantastic news.
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    I know how it feels to be the girl picked last. Congrats!
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    If only they could see you now! Well done massive respect.
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    You are awesome
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    12KG???? geez I can't even atleast play with my 8KG kettleball.

    you are awesome!
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    The great thing is, after I was done lifting..I was asked to join a local kettlebell sport team. AT this competition there were some athletes on teams, as opposed to me and my lonesome.

    Maybe it took 30 something years for someone to ask me to join their team...but these strong females did. As soon as I was done lifting, the coach said, "I'd love to have you on our team!"

    My first practice with my team is next Saturday!!!
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    This is awesome - you are a badass!! I love lifting, but geez am I ever scared of kettlebells lol

    So happy for you that they asked you to be on their team! Yay!
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    that is so cool!!