One week can make a difference


This is proof of the difference one week can make! I was so shocked, I lost 9 pounds in one week. NO this is not what I was aiming for but it happened. I started drinking well over 100 ounces of water a day, logged my food meticulously, made consistent healthy choices and this was the result oh and I walked about 12 miles total this week.:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


  • emmybubble94
    emmybubble94 Posts: 7 Member
    Well done! Keep it up :)
  • gracie11lexi13
    gracie11lexi13 Posts: 123 Member
    Awesome congrats. Keep up the good work. Your doing great.
  • sodakat
    sodakat Posts: 1,126 Member
    So exciting. I love that you are so happy in your second picture! Can just see the joy in your face. Congrats.
  • apriltrainer
    apriltrainer Posts: 732 Member
    Good job!!! I drink a lot of water too!
  • AllOutof_Bubblegum
    AllOutof_Bubblegum Posts: 3,646 Member
    You're awesome! Keep going!
  • amammaa4
    amammaa4 Posts: 187 Member
    You're doing great! Keep it up!!
  • htg20
    htg20 Posts: 116 Member
    If that is the case then you are only about 20 weeks away from your goal! (Maybe not exactly since 9lbs a week is a lot but it is a good way to think of it, I think!)
  • ballito
    ballito Posts: 81 Member
    Well done. Keep up the good work.:smile:
  • Nataliegetfit
    Nataliegetfit Posts: 395 Member
    great job, starting is always the hardest part, so now just keep on going. drinking a lot of water is wonderful, I try to drink only water and tea without sugar. Good luck and just keep on going, and keep looking on MFP for inspiration and help when you need it and keep logging on here it really helps.
  • PinkCupcakes84
    PinkCupcakes84 Posts: 235 Member
    Good job
  • swsays
    swsays Posts: 125 Member
    Way to go! Keep up the good work!
  • HerbertNenenger
    HerbertNenenger Posts: 453 Member
    Motivation that just gets you addicted to health and fitness and keeps you going. Awesome job, and yes, it surely can make a big difference, EITHER WAY !!!. Keep up the good work !
  • JenniferIsLosingIt
    JenniferIsLosingIt Posts: 595 Member
    Thank you everyone! I am truly excited and motivated!!! I know what I can do!
  • Trent1612000
    Trent1612000 Posts: 57 Member
    Awesome! Keep up the work.... and your right diligence makes all the difference.
  • danielleeu
    danielleeu Posts: 127 Member
    Wow! That's awesome! Keep up the good work, you're well on your way to even futher success! :happy:
  • Macyfiinks
    Macyfiinks Posts: 29 Member
    Way to go! That's so awesome! Very inspirational! :)
  • Persian99
    Persian99 Posts: 48 Member
    You're doing great! Your face is looking more slender already!
  • keshabbaker
    keshabbaker Posts: 152 Member
    This is the the kind of start that keeps you going great job! you keep going because I bet you can tell the difference in your clothing with that 9 pound lost :-)
  • KezzaHobbs
    KezzaHobbs Posts: 16
    Amazing, you are doing so great. I look forward to seeing many more progress pics along the way!!!!
  • HannahLynn91
    HannahLynn91 Posts: 238 Member
    Wow, that's incredible!
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