How do you guys fight your sweet tooth?


  • Ready2Rock206
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    Smaller amounts of really good chocolate. No need to give up things we love.
  • Nataliegetfit
    Nataliegetfit Posts: 395 Member
    skinny cow or ww chocolate fudge bars are really good and single serving.
  • HerkMeOff
    HerkMeOff Posts: 1,002 Member
    I fit my reeses into my calorie goal.
  • psych101
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    Buying really good quality chocolate and fitting it into my day
  • I fit my reeses into my calorie goal.

    I like your thinking.
  • MildredBarhopper
    MildredBarhopper Posts: 99 Member
    I'll fit something into my day if I reallllly want it, but another option when I don't have a ton of calories is to mix cocoa powder with sweetener of choice (I use stevia, but real sugar or Splenda would work) and greek yogurt. I like it! Also, I enjoy fudgsicles, only 100 calories.
  • fit_rox
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    Sugar free chocolate pudding mixed with greek yogurt, frozen with cool whip. Kills my sweet tooth :)
  • kgeyser
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    I just fit whatever I want into my calorie goals. Some chocolate or a serving of ice cream fits just fine; if I wanted cheesecake or a fancy dessert that would be a bit harder, so those are a rare treat.
  • Myhaloslipped
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    Don't really have one. My dad is a dentist, and he rarely allowed me to have candy growing up. Once in a while, I will go on a PMS rampage and eat a large amount of something sweet, but that is all. My problem is with the salty snacks. I find it difficult to stay away from anything salty, spicy or sour.
  • turpenoid
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    I drink a lot of warm beverages throughout the day. Also, rice cakes!
  • KarenJanine
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    How do you guys fight your sweet tooth?

    I don't. I fit chocolate into my macro and calorie goals. In fact it often helps me reach my minimum fat intake and I would fall short without it.
  • AsianSuperfly
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    Sugar free chocolate pudding mixed with greek yogurt, frozen with cool whip. Kills my sweet tooth :)

    Say what? I have been using the sugar free chocolate pudding mix for a while. Throw ice cubes in a blender with it and you have yourself an awesome chocolate shake. Volume wise it is incredible but it only matches the taste which will shock people. 2% milk and some cottage cheese I have a tasty protein shake.
  • Kitteneyes01
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    My sweet tooth is ravenous. When I want chocolate I basically buy a whole slab and eat the whole thing for lunch. 500 calories yes, but for some reason I'm one of those special snowflakes that actually get filled up by sweets. :bigsmile:
  • Goldilukes
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    I try my best to just not go there because I know once I buy in my fav chocolate I'd be thinking about it every day after that...however pms leads me crave badly so I will either have a piece of cheese with a sugar free coffee or 2 rich tea biscuits and then quickly go do something to take my mind if it or I will keep an apple back for evening time and cut it in to segments to enjoy. I can't usually finish the apple it's so filling..weird.