To the designer of Yoga pants...

nitrospop Posts: 122 Member
God Bless You!


  • Kitten2629
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    :laugh: :laugh:
  • JBfoodforlife
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    :drinker: :heart: :heart: :heart: :blushing:
  • jwooley13
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    They're probably the one article of women's clothing that men love as much as women do. They're comfy as hell and do wonders for the booty.
  • SugarBaby71
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    I have a love hate relationship with mine. :love: So comfy... yet... sooooo comfy. Ya know? (yoga pants made me fat) :sad:
  • mfp2014mfp
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  • fit_war
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  • s_yeatts
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    I love them! I'd wear them everyday if I could :)
  • NYactor1
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    Lots O' winning here.
  • neepex27
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    Bought my first pair yesterday, and absolutely love them! Going to buy more tomorrow! They make me look and feel slim :)
  • Laura732
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    Careful, this will end up as a topic of a Geico commercial!

    "What are you wearing?"

    "Yoga Pants"