Stopped drinking, how long until I see results?

I quit drinking alcohol last week & wonder how long until I see results?

I only have 10lbs to lose & have always worked out regularly & eat pretty good. Last week I decided to cut out alcohol, am not quite a casual drinker I'm a heavy drinker. Typically around 1.5-2 fifths of flavored vodka (with soda water) & probably a 12 pk of light beer per week. It's about 5,000 extra calories a wk & 475 carbs not to mention the sugar. I also added strength training and eating cleaner than ever. I also increase my water intake by 64 more ounces a day.

The problem is my stomach actually feels bigger. Anyone have any other advice or why this could be?


  • woodml1
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    Alcohol is a diuretic, it flushes water out of your system. You might be retaining a little more water now which may account for the feeling of bloat you seem to be describing. Add your sodium intake to the values that you're tracking to make sure you're not retaining extra-extra water.

    How long it takes to see the results will really depend on the rest of your diet and your deficit. Keep doing what you're doing (assuming you're staying within your macros) for another week and if the scale hasn't budged, you can start employing some new strategies. It takes time to figure out what works well for your body and you only have to be on the forum for 5 minutes to find out that there are TONS of strategies out there.Kicking the alcohol was a phenomenal step toward progress regardless of what strategy you end up going with!

    Be patient and have faith in the process!
  • ktodd2139
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    Maybe it is water bloating, I'll keep tracking it.
  • deksgrl
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    How many calories are you eating?

    You said you are eating "clean".... if you have increased fruits and vegetables, some of these cause bloating.
  • Chunkhotep
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    I used to drink wine or beer every night. I'm a big guy (6'4") and would drink fairly large quantities. I always accounted for it in my tracking (on WW previously). I have stopped drinking on weeknights only and have been amazed at how much actual food I can eat and still stay under my calorie allotment. In the last few weeks since I've given it up on the weeknights I've lost 10lbs (from 237 -> 227). I really hadn't made any other changes. Was at a party on Saturday and drank beer and ate the usual party food and it didn't derail me at all. I just get right back on the horse the next day. Keep it up, you will start seeing changes at some point. (I also feel much better in the mornings when I wake up now)
  • WalkingAlong
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    Do wait it out. You should feel worlds better if you give it some more time. Good for you for quitting. Your liver is thanking you.
  • CookNLift
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    Drinking beer won't really affect you unless you drink a ton of them, since the calories, carbs, and sugar are so high and the only results you will see will be from calorie deficit and burning fat.

    I still enjoy beer on the weekends, I just have 1 or 2 rather than 5 or 8