Face Progression

I’m just getting started and don’t have the self-confidence to post pictures of myself and have only lost 2lbs in the first two weeks so I don’t really have any progression to show yet... BUT I have decided to take a picture of my face or selfie i guess you could call it at the beginning of every month so that I can see my progress... I have what I call Mama June chin and if any of you are familiar with the show Honey Boo Boo you know exactly what I mean... Granted I’ve never had a distinct jaw line or fit chin lol as I have put on my weight its grown as well and I’m very unhappy with it and I think just seeing my face slim down along with my body will do great things for what self-esteem I have left... SO after all my blabbing I wanted to ask if anyone would post their facial progression photo's? I’d love to see them.


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