So friggin tired..



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    Just got my Fitbit today and I also do low carb and am a Texas gal! Hang in there!
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    I looked at your diary, and you only netted ~1,000 calories on Saturday and Sunday. Is this normal? The lowest recommended net is 1200. You could just not be getting enough to eat.
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    those days were not normal..I was exceptionaly busy and was battling abit of an upset tummy..I wasnt was hotter then hades out too..which zaps my appetite. :(

    I would like to find some focus for something other then exercise..I used too..and I still do, to an husband says I need to relax...exercise offered me solace and an outlet during a very very difficult time in my life..I do need to learn to let go abit I suppose..I did hcg afew years ago..lost weight, and then went right back to bad eating and gained a good portion of it back...the "ignorance is bliss" of not tracking what Im doing set in and I let myself slide..I admit, Im alittle scared of going back to that.
  • Low iron makes you fatigued. you could always try a vitamin and mineral supplement.
    I slept ages last week, started taking them again and everything is back to normal! :-)
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    I feel like the excuse queen..:)

    I do have low iron..and potassium and sodium..problem is, alot of the supplements for these problems Ive found..the pills are HUGE! I can do small pills..but big ones I get to gagging.

    I need powder, gummies or small pills..guess I may need to take a trip to complete nutrition or something. Ive found adult multi purpose gummies at the grocery store..but I think I may need something mabey focused more for a woman or a woman with low iron.
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    Never forget your fruits and vegetables.

    It is always down to Calories in Vs Calories out, true,
    however, people that eat whatever with proper caloric restriction will still feel **** if they eat ****

    you could be missing some main stuff you need, your OMEGAS from nuts and fish oil, your B vitamins are fairly easy to obtain in **** diets, so eat some bananas for potassium, some mushrooms for Vitamin A, some greens for Vitamin K and Cs, and never leave out oatmeal, the only carb people should be consuming these days
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    Oh dont I know the "eat **** feel like ****"..because I do..amazing if I do binge abit on sugar..the intense tiredness and draggy feeling I get.

    oatmeal..Ive been putting Kashi Go Lean in my smoothie in the AM..I know, processed..hubby bought it for himself and it actually tastes pretty dang good in the I do pick up some carbs there..but I am on a "lower carb" diet in regards to not going crazy with white and refined carbs.
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    Oh dont I know the "eat **** feel like ****"..because I do..amazing if I do binge abit on sugar..the intense tiredness and draggy feeling I get.

    oatmeal..Ive been putting Kashi Go Lean in my smoothie in the AM..I know, processed..hubby bought it for himself and it actually tastes pretty dang good in the I do pick up some carbs there..but I am on a "lower carb" diet in regards to not going crazy with white and refined carbs.
    Carbs give you energy, so going low carb may not be working out for you and may be contributing to the problem. Also, make sure you look at foods that are high in the micronutrients that you know you are deficient in and try incorporating some of those into your diet as well. In general, it sounds like an overall health evaluation and blood work from a doctor might be a good idea just to see where you currently stand.
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    thanks Auddii
    Yes, I think the health eval is the way to go.
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    You're maintaining on 1400 calories a day and workout 6 times a week? How did you calculate your calories? They seem pretty low, which could easily explain why you are feeling fatigued. Also, check for symptoms of overtraining as well.


    +1 I'd start by eating all of your exercise calories back and see how you feel. I'll bet it will make a massive difference in your exhaustion. Then moving forward, you may even want to see if your maintenance calories should be even higher :) You may be surprised to find out that you can eat a lot more than you currently do :)
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    Only read one page of replies. From looking at your diary, your not hitting your fat and carb macros.... Protein alone will not sustain you! Your breakfast coffee sucks! Sorry to be harsh; add oatmeal, and a whole egg or two . Add some carbs in the form of brown rice, sweet potatoes, legumes, etc You need to hit your fat macro; fat regulates hormone levels in your body. Try adding a fatty fish ( salmon) a couple times a week, half an avocado every day, nuts, and supplementing with some fish oil. Your very active, food is fuel, and you've been simply running on empty..
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    They have some great gummies Multi Vitamin ..try Sundown or Nature Made
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    Coffee is a weakness of mine..I blame my dad..yes, you heard me right..he was addicted to it and I am too..:(..I guess Im being alittle funny there..but thats something I just cant give up.
    in all honesty, my 10:30 snack I usually have about 8:30 or its more like breakfast..but I guess I should be subbing another snack in mid morning...or doing a small bowl of oatmeal before I leave the house.

    fats-I can probably manage nuts each day..what nut would be best? I LOVE walnuts and almonds and cashews..but I dont eat them a whole bunch. Ive read so much..which one offers the most, nutrition wise? One time, I made a snack mix of sorts of nuts, dk choc chips and some homemade dried was super tasty. what about Quinoa? I have a package of that I bought, but have yet to try.

    This is scary guys..should it be this scary to eat my calories back? Im not being dramatic geuinely makes me itchy..Ive worked so hard for where Im at and I will not go back to 140 pounds again..ever..the scale was 123 today..highest Ive been in about 9 months and I wanted to cry.
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    .I feel like there is some excess weight at the midsection I need to still get going to try putting some more cardio in the regiment...

    Try lifting heavy weights, if possible. (not the 5lb dumbbells in Jillian Michaels videos...that is not strenght training, it's cardio with a little added resistance) It'll probably do you better than more cardio.
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    We will try it and see. I admit, Ive had a hard time sleeping lately..I get HOT..we keep it 75 in our we always have..and I have a box fan husband is under the sheets and Im spread eagle on top sweating my *kitten* off..wake up, sweat, pee, get a drink, back to sleep..wake up two hours later, roll over, back to sleep.

    hence my idea to get my hormones checked.
    this sounds premenopausel to me,, you are pretty young to be getting that,but its not unheard of for young women..I have these issues at times,they come and go,one month bad then several months good,,but that one bad month is hell on the sleep pattern! I use Young Living progessence plus,,it does help some.I am also a farm girl,my MFP calories is 1750..I ride horse a lot,do TKD,ride bike,run and lift weights,I typically eat closer to 2000-2200 and am still losing,maybe a little slower then some,but if I want a choc chip cookie I am going to eat it and make it fit.I also shovel,bale,mow,weed,feed,clean up after several critters, leader for 4H,give kids riding lessons,train,looking at this I seem really think the hormone check is a great idea and go from there,,I know for me I wouldnt be able to make it a week on your calories.
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    I am in a slump..I used to wake up energized and ready to attack my video..and lately, I am simply exhausted. Granted, I have been busy outside working.

    You are now busy outside working.

    Prior you were not I'd assume.

    Were your calorie levels based on NOT working outside?

    You do more, you should eat more.

    And as many others have commented, rather low calorie level anyway for 6 days a week workout.

    As soon as you eat more, you'll find out if you were truly eating at potential maintenance.

    If your weight shoots up by 2-3 lbs by merely eating say 250 more daily, then you just topped off some depleted glycogen stores.
    Because eating a mere 250 more than currently, should only cause a 1 lb gain in 2 weeks time slowly, if you are currently eating at potential maintenance anyway.
    But if there is that much glycogen to top off - then you were not eating at potential maintenance.

    Good test - 250 more for 2 weeks. Extra cal's probably do you wonders anyway.

    Again, understand the math. If you are considered with fat gain, you would only gain 1 lb slowly over 2 weeks if truly eating 250 above potential maintenance.
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    If you are looking for an excellent source of Potassium, that is low in cal/carbs, Low Sodium V-8 works
    wonders for me! Get your electrolytes in better range, 8oz glass has 900MG of Potassium -Powerhouse!
    But it has to be the Low Sodium, not the regular. The regular has much less Potassium.
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    You seem to be lean and at a healthy BMI; you shouldn't care about what the scale says on a day to day basis. Judge yourself by the mirror.
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    SLEEP! I'm going to get a little sleep-evangelical here, but sleep is so often overlooked.You are almost certainly not getting enough sleep if you are going to bed at 11 and getting up before 5.

    It's really, really hard for most people to prioritize sleep and make the time, but sleep is a big contributor to healing, immunity, hormonal balance, mental function, energy, mood... pretty much everything. Do some reading on the benefits of sleep and really consider if it's worth shorting yourself. You're tired. Tired people are usually not enjoying life that much.

    Don't skrimp on sleep to work out every day. Find a way to rearrange your schedule. Cut something out.

    I've been trying to prioritize sleep this year, and I really notice a difference in my energy and appetite. I manage to get in about 7.5 hours every night, feel better with 8.5, and I feel even better if I also sleep in on the weekends and get 9 hours. It used to feel like a waste of time, but I eat less and enjoy everything so much more when I'm rested.

    This. I am currently working mandatory overtime and having to get to work an hour earlier and am getting up earlier as well. I have kids activities after work so can't really go to bed earlier. The last few days, I have been so hungry and so listless that first hour I am up. I was able to sleep at the weekend and felt better on Monday so I am sure that is the problem.
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    Re: pills being too big to swallow, I had that problem when I first started supplementing iron--I was doing the Solgar "Gentle Iron" or something like that and I felt like it was getting stuck in my throat every day, plus it wasn't as gentle on my stomach as I had hoped and didn't get my iron levels back up very quickly. I decided to suck it up and try the Nature Made ones that they sell at Costco that are not some special "stomach-friendly" version--whaddya know, they are much smaller/easier to swallow even though they are a much higher dose, and my iron levels are back up to normal.

    In other words, it can be a pain (and expensive!) to find the supplement that works for you, but give it a try. Especially if you're low iron, I have much better energy now (and no more freezing hands and feet),