Please help cos im losing my mind!!!

Hey all,so I just joined myfitnesspal after 8 days of starting to lower my calorie intake and exercise.I eat between 1200-1300 calories everyday(apart from my cheat day where i ate 1800 calories).My question is, ive adjusted my breakfast and lunch and i gave up soda completely,have drank water only for the past 8 days.I have oatmeal for brekkie and a garden salad with either a beef patty or grilled chicken and using a calorie app on my bb that brings me to around 650- 750 calories.I've never eaten dinner out of habit and so i get to 1200 by eating 90g of chocolate which calculates to 482 calories which usually brings me just under or just over 1200.Im a chocaholic and i wondered if this will hinder my weightloss.I really cant get myself to have a meal for dinner.Is chocolate in itself unhealthy or is it unhealthy when taken over your daily calorie intake.I keep worrying ill keep the weight.

thanks to anyone who can shed light on this for me :)


  • TavistockToad
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    i doubt you can get enough protein and all the vitamins and minerals that you need from what you're eating...

    you say you 'cant get yourself' to eat dinner, but if you're eating 500 calories of chocolate, you could eat 500 calories of something more nutritious.. you choose to eat the chocolate.
  • raylo1313
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    What you are eating looks fine except for the chocolate only because sugar is really, really bad for you. Not only can it hinder your weight, but drive up your insulin which increases your triglycerides (fat in the blood - the makings for a stroke!),

    Eat a small piece of dark chocolate instead (which is purportedly good for you) to give you your chocolate fix. Then up your calories to the level you want by eating "good for you" foods like a handful of nuts or peanut butter/celery or banana, or make yourself a low carb, low sugar protein drink. Just lose the sugar the best you can and you will be fine.
  • tinkbaby101
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    As long as you're at a caloric deficit, chocolate itself isn't going to cause you to fail to lose weight.

    That being said, I'm a believer in moderation, unless it is a trigger food. You could try getting extra-dark chocolate, breaking it into squares, and having a single square after your meals. If you find that you're poking the chocolate in, and can't seem to stop, you may want to consider taking a break from it for a while. Get away from the addiction or habit, and consider re-adding it at a later time, when you're better able to control how much you eat. Certainly filling your diet with more nutritious foods is only going to help you on your journey. It's not that you can't lose weight with the way you're currently eating; it's simply that you're going to be healthier overall if you eat less chocolate, and fill in those calories with something more nutritious, instead.
  • TheDoctorDana
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    Calories in < calories out. Yup, just that simple. Don't think chocolate is the best dinner in the world but if you track it and stay at a calorie deficit, you will lose.