Just bought pants 2 sizes smaller

I finally had to go buy some pants, because all my clothes are hanging off me. I've lost 2 pants sizes. Whoo-hoo! I was doing a happy dance in the middle of Macy's.


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    Awesome wtg
  • H0llyG0lightly
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    Such an awesome feeling.
  • 123losinforme
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    Awesome... keep up the great work!:-)
  • chera79
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    That is awesome!!' Congrats!!! I went out and bought some shorts a size smaller finally. And technically they are probably 2 sizes smaller than what my true size was because I would squeeze myself into my clothes before. It's such a great feeling, isn't it? Keep it up! :)
  • leighc124
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    Good for you!!!
  • dlionsmane
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  • pita7317
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    Congratulations !
    You have lost the same amount of weight as I have. So I can relate !
    I am also down 2 pant sizes getting close to 3. :)
    I have been stocking up the next size down (ebay, great deals if you know the brand you like)
    Can't wait for that day to come.
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    Yay for you!
  • TeeMac64
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    love it! :)
  • TRIX5884
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    I know that feelings! it's amazing! Great job - whatever your doing is obviously working and paying off. Keep up the amazing work your doing! :)
  • Congrats! Awesome NSV! :flowerforyou:
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    fantastic wtg!
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    You're amazing, never forget that. WELL DONE
  • RJenxi
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    We'll done I have a thin wardrobe waiting!!!! Will be so excited when I can get into these clothes. I agree with other posters I squeezed myself into my current size- how I deluded myself. Enjoy this feeling and bottle it for when times get tough just visualise yourself dancing in Macey's when you are struggling with a workout or food choice!!!! Go girl!
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    Awesome job!
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    Awesome achievement!!
  • Yanagibashi
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    Congrats! It is indeed a good feeling. Plus, shopping!
  • Congratulations!! It is a great feeling isn't it. I have down 2 pant sizes almost 3 sizes as well.

    It is a wonderful feeling and keeps you motivated to keep going.
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    Best feeling ever! Congrats!
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    happy shopping!