Disney Vacation??



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    You're going to Disney.....Congrats!!!! That's my favorite place in the world. I have been there every year for the past 7 years and I never gain weight. I always stay the same I think like others said because you are constantly walking. When I go there I don't worry about what I'm eating and just enjoy my time there. Enjoy your trip! I'm going again in August, I can't wait!!!
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    I read your profile and wow, just wow way to go! I would say at disney make sure you have fun! If you are really worried about the calories in the food make sure you stick to the simple stuff ( stay away from cream sauces, make sure you eat some greens, and some lean proteins) but make sure you try the interesting stuff at epcot. You could also get a stepcounter before you go like a fitbit or a jawbone up to keep you on track if you're worried. I hope you have a great time :)
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    We just got back from 8 days at Disney World. I ate everything. There's no more food left there. Sorry!

    Ok, maybe that was a bit of an over-statement. They've probably made more. But the food there is delicious. I only gained about 2 lbs, probably because we walked 10 miles a day or something. We had an absolute blast, and I'll be back to my pre-Disney weight in a month. No worries! Hakuna Matata!
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    Do the words 'Disney' and 'good food' even belong in the same sentence?! :noway: The only good thing about Disney is all the walking you'll get in. Send me on a trek in the Himalayas for good walks instead anyday. Or take a Cordon Bleu cooking class instead if you want good food...
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    I found in Disney that lunch was basically irrelevant. You were so busy during the day that I ate something small or didn't eat at all. This helped because those breakfast buffets were calling my name...

    Check out the restaurants online and plan out some meals. Then make sure you go to Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club Resort for some Ice Cream...
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    don't know why I'm so concerned when I'm not even going until march, but oh well gotta be prepared! I am going on vacation to walt disney world in march, however I have not cheated in 8 months.. I do have planned cheats when I go to disney.. I'm thinking one sweet treat a day, so I can use it as fuel when I go workout later in the evening. I plan to prep my meals at our vacation home for the week and bring them with me so that way I can stay on track without adding on any un-needed fat. My dad can't eat very much due to his gastric bypass so theirs really no point in eating out. however my question is, I'm just concerned that after this vacation I will fall back into old habits. I have a little more than 3 more till my year mark and I am currently putting on muscle mass, so when I start cutting 3 weeks out of my year mark, I'll be able to have that transformation picture I've always wanted. Once I hit my year mark I plan to go on maintenance… should I start incorporating cheat meals once a week? I personally just see no value in those foods, however I've noticed my cravings getting a bit stronger lately. I'm just not sure how to get past the whole its okay in moderation thing, plus when do I cheat?! idk I probably sounds retarded, but its been on my mind, so I just thought I'd see if I could get any tips or pointers!

    This gives me the sadz....so I gotta know what exactly do you define as a "cheat." Is eating ice cream cheating? Or an oreo? Or a slice of pizza? Or do you mean eating 4000 calories at one sitting?
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    Vacations are for fun!!!!.....food included!! Just enjoy yourself and return to your healthy habits when the vaca is over. Quite honestly, I usually lose or at least maintain when we go on vacation. Even though we eat differently then usual we're so active it balances out. Life is short...ENJOY!
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    Do the words 'Disney' and 'good food' even belong in the same sentence?! :noway: The only good thing about Disney is all the walking you'll get in. Send me on a trek in the Himalayas for good walks instead anyday. Or take a Cordon Bleu cooking class instead if you want good food...

    Depends on where you eat, I suppose. There's typical theme park fare to be had--most of it's OK, but not great. Popcorn, pretzels, mediocre hamburgers and quick-service pizza. Then there's the Disney specialty items like the Dole Whip and they Mickey Ice Cream Bar. In Epcot there's a lot of variety--some quite good, some not so much. All of the parks have at least one good quality restaurant. The buffets, as a rule, tend to be pretty good. Then there are also some really, really good restaurants: Jiko, Victoria & Albert's, etc. (AAA 5 Star-rated), etc. They tend to be in the resorts rather than the parks.
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    Then there are also some really, really good restaurants: Jiko, Victoria & Albert's, etc. (AAA 5 Star-rated), etc. They tend to be in the resorts rather than the parks.

    Yeah, I'm thinkin' the decent food is where the kids aren't... :wink:
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    We're going to Disney for 2 weeks in July and I'm slightly worried that I won't fit into my clothes by the time we're headed home. We're going along with my parents and my sister's family and my parents have already scheduled where we will be eating dinner and lunch everyday for the 2 weeks that we are there (lots required reservations WAY in advance). I'm thinking I'll try to eat a healthier lunch and splurge at dinner. I know we'll be walking a lot, so hopefully it will offset the crazy dinners we'll be eating every night!
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    OP, go on vacation, have an AWESOME time.
    eat what you want.

    if you go off track a little bit, no bigs, just get back on when you return.

    the thread about the "happiest place on earth" sure does have some sads.
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    omg its so funny you posted this Me and my bf are going to disney on tues and were staying for 10 days....and all i been thinking is how am i going to not go crazy with my calories...i am a big dessert lover...cupcakes r my fav anyway i am going 2 eat 2 good meals and have a cheat once in a while....and i am going to workout every morning at the hotel. i know i should just relax and have fun but i been doing kickboxing 5 days a week and i am starting to lose inches....also eat what u want and maybe just workout in the morning..plus u will be doing a lot of walking around. We are doing disney half the trip and then the beach the last half. enjoy have fun...if u want friend me and i could give u tips with food when i am down there.
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    I wouldn't worry about it...you walk A TON and my god, enjoy yourself..you have been so good! I don't feel that I went crazy when i went there..I didnt eat extra snacks...i ate breakfast lunch and dinner, drank water but ate what I wanted and the amounts i wanted....you will go crazy if you try to log on vacation...not worth it!
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    I did Disney as a kid, and then a few years ago we took our son for 3 days while my wife attended a conference there. We hadn't gotten the memos, so when we arrived we had no place to eat. All restaurants were full. Apparently you can make reservations months in advance. To me that is horribly tedious. The food tends to be very rich, so maybe plan on splitting plates with someone.

    I recommend Mission Space,then all the traditional places, Hall of Presidents, Small World, etc..

    Oh oh, at night, Main Street USA becomes packed with people waiting for the parade.

    If you really want my opinion, skip Disney, make reservations at one of the hotels at Universal, you get treated like royalty, and when you walk up to a ride, the operator knows your name. Much better experience.
    Huh? Skip Disney? SMH
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    Didn't read through all the replies but Disney has made quite an effort to provide healthy food choices and you are planning to stay in a house and prepare meals. Portion sizes for a lot of the stuff (think turkey leg) will feed a family not one.

    If I had plans to go to Disney World 10 months from now I'd be obsessing, too...but not about food. (Okay, maybe counting down the days to a Dole Whip and other favorites.) If you can't go and enjoy the happiest place on earth, stay home and plan a vacation that caters to your dietary obsessions.
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    I went to Disney the year before last. I ate and drank whatever I wanted. We walked around so much during the day that none of it mattered and I actually lost weight.
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    Eat all the churros!
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    meh cheat meal if you want but personally I'm pretty anal and just stick to my plan pretty much every day during normal life.

    But for a vacation, just get as lean as possible BEFORE going, then just enjoy whatever you want during (track if you must but don't ruin your vacation over it). I'm going on vacation in August, I'll probably be extremely lean before I go. I plan to eat whatever I want on the trip though. I'll probably track my calories but I'm definitely eating ice cream, pizza, and all kinds of stuff I never normally eat. It's a vacation, enjoy! Then just get back on track after.

    Also, I've been to Disney several times and I always ended up walking a lot. Like several miles / day.
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    We're going in September, with the full dining plan. I don't plan on tracking anything and will eat whatever I want. Worst case, I put on a few lbs and will take it back off within a few weeks of returning. Meanwhile I'll enjoy my vacation and all the great food they have to offer.

    Don't over think it. Work your plan between now and then, and again when you get back. Just enjoy yourself.

    I am also going in September, with the regular dining plan, and this is exactly what I plan to do. I may try to write down what I'm eating just to see it on paper later, but if I forget....oh well. It's Disney, I'm going to enjoy myself, but I'm not going to scoff down every treat in sight just because it's there.

    ~Chelle *o*
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    I'm going in Sept too. I'm maintaining now anyway and i expect to do alot of walking. I'm not staying in Disney but at a hotel nearby. I'm just going to enjoy myself and not worry. How often will i be going to Disney!