I started my weight loss journey Sept 2013 and so far I have lost 38-40 lbs, lost lots of inches and gained a ton of self esteem!

My 9 year old son has been walking with me and has picked up some healthier eating habits without me preaching at him!!!

We have slowly switched to normal food portions!

He has went from 117 lbs to 105! He is at a "healthy" range now! I am so proud of him! Of course he would shoot me if I posted a pic of him!

Just imagine a chubby little boy that was unsure and shy ...then....Imagine a healthier version that now snacks on cucumbers, loves our walks together and has a BIG smile on his face!!!!


  • motivatedmartha
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    You must be feeling so proud of yourself - rightly. Teaching our children the habits that will make them happy, healthy and successful in life is what being a parent is all about - it's great to know that not only have you worked hard to be fitter and healthier for yourself but you have passed that message along. Enjoy your walks and activities with your son - they grow so fast!
  • amysgottadothisthang
    amysgottadothisthang Posts: 116 Member
    Yes, they do grow TOO fast! I am enjoying our walks! He slows me down a little but that's ok! At least we are both moving!!!!
  • ummommyme
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    That is soooo cool!!!! How great of you and him!!!
  • weightedfootsteps
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    Wishing for a "love" button!! Wonderful Job! I motivate my daughters as much as I can myself. Keep up the Awesomeness!!! :)
  • elghee123
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    The moment you are spending together is momentous enough! I do the same too though mine is chubby little toddler boy!