Flirting with average looking girls vs. above average girls



  • mstaser
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    It all comes down to personality and who is more approachable. The stereotypical hot girl is just assumed to be snobby based off of what everyone learns from TV and media.
  • Jessica_Eve
    Jessica_Eve Posts: 47 Member
    I rarely, if ever get hit on. I don't really care though.
    I do have *****y resting face
  • CCSavage88
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    I think it all depends on how approachable you seem, if you smile/laugh often and have a personality that invites people they will gravitate towards you more then someone who isn't so welcoming looking...I think my smiling and outgoing personality get's more of a response then my face
  • iPlatano
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    The majority of hot girls are I've talked to are so boring. Some of them lack of personality and its almost impossible to hold a conversation with them.
  • beastchick78
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    I dont flirt :bigsmile:

    Lies! :wink:
  • solarpower03
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    I can flirt with anyone- I like to make people smile!
  • MissSarahAllison315
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    This topic is like a foreign language to me. I've honestly never hit on a single girl, ever. My wife darn near walked up to me at college and said "You'll do." 12 years later (10 married), we're doing great :happy:

    But I think the biggest factor would be how approachable the girl comes across as. What determines that, I haven't a clue.

    BAAHAHAH!!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Actually spit out my drink laughing at that!!! That's how my mom was with my dad back in the 80's and they're going on 30 years!!!
  • thatjosiegirl
    thatjosiegirl Posts: 362 Member
    I think it all comes down to body language and whether that person appears to be approachable.

    I'm rather reserved, so in public I rarely ever get flirted with. But at work where I am a little more relaxed and approachable, I get hit on quite frequently.
  • KrazyTwinMomma
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    This all leaves those of us who practically never have men approach them and hardly know what flirting is in a frustrating position wondering and not knowing if we're one of the below average or one of the intimidating ones. :S

    And now I'm wondering where I fall on the scale!!!
  • Flab2Fab27
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    I rarely, if ever get hit on. I don't really care though.
    I do have *****y resting face

  • BinaryPulsar
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    There is a range between "average" and "above average" in appearance. It's not just one or the other.

    But, anyway, to add to your research, I do get a lot of attention from men, and sometimes from lesbians as well. I respond happily to both genders.
  • _Tink_
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    I get zero attention from men. But then, I also have resting b*tch face.
  • I get hit on all the time. Or maybe it's in my head. Either way, I like it. I'm average, at best. I'm friendly and I flirt and I talk to anyone. I'm sure it's more due to my personality than anything. Well, that and my fantastic butt.
  • Train4Foodz
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    I flirt with everybody equally....
  • emmanap91
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    I just don't flirt. I'm terrible at conversation with people I don't know or don't know well.

    I also have *****y resting face.
  • melb_alex
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    They probably look intimidating or appear to be less sociable than the other girl :)
  • excusekiller
    excusekiller Posts: 457
    I flirt with everybody equally....
    Even me? lol
  • Train4Foodz
    Train4Foodz Posts: 4,298 Member
    I flirt with everybody equally....
    Even me? lol
    Come on sexy LOL
  • yopeeps025
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    I flirt with what I feel attractive. which is where most girls feel unattractive.
  • runnergirl0721
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    I rarely get hit on. But then again I will honestly say that I don't pay attention either. I am a very friendly person and don't really see when I'm being hit on. My friends find it hysterical..but the honest truth is that I am just me. And I've been told I'm flirting when i don't mean to be. I think that girls and guys just have different ways of flirting- girls don't consider it being hit on unless is blantantly obvious while guys sometimes think a smile and a few words are all it takes.