56lbs down and counting.... (32lbs since march)



  • kolkol
    kolkol Posts: 311 Member
    you are looking good!!! keep up the good work :-)
  • ChristinaOrtiz23
    ChristinaOrtiz23 Posts: 1,546 Member
    what a difference!!! great hard work!!
  • ptb103
    ptb103 Posts: 1 Member
    Woo whoo!! Keep up the fantastic work, thanks for sharing it helps motivate us!!!
  • __hannah_
    __hannah_ Posts: 788 Member
    Great work!
  • Sklahsen
    Sklahsen Posts: 76 Member
    Awesome job! Motivation for me!! I had my third baby in January and am struggling to lose this time!!!
  • divainsneakers
    divainsneakers Posts: 405 Member
    Great progress!
  • xMermaidx
    xMermaidx Posts: 142 Member
    Congratulations! Excellent progress!
  • Monsterliana
    Monsterliana Posts: 178 Member
    Thank you for all of your support! It means a lot! <3
  • Macyfiinks
    Macyfiinks Posts: 29 Member
    Way to go! You look amazing!
  • Monsterliana
    Monsterliana Posts: 178 Member
    Thanks doll!
  • janatarnhem
    janatarnhem Posts: 670 Member
    Criticise you? No way! Great job and you're looking good! Thanks for the motivation!:happy:
  • KaelaLee88
    KaelaLee88 Posts: 230 Member
    You look fantastic and congratulations the arrival of your little one! You have done so well with your post-pregnancy by managing your weight, that's a great accomplishment :) You'll be passing on great habits and lifestyle traits to your growing family too!

    Kaela x
  • Eastern_Echo23
    Eastern_Echo23 Posts: 198 Member
    You look amazing!
  • Boogage
    Boogage Posts: 739 Member
    Awesome. You're looking great
  • Kath1391
    Kath1391 Posts: 138
    Amazing!! you have a such a lovely face x
  • leantool
    leantool Posts: 365 Member
    Wow,and you are caring for an infant........amazing really!
  • Monsterliana
    Monsterliana Posts: 178 Member
    Haha I've got a 16 month old and a 3 month old! Thanks everyone! <3
  • newsharonkay
    newsharonkay Posts: 37 Member
    Wow you are an inspiration. You look great and are beautiful.
  • divainsneakers
    divainsneakers Posts: 405 Member
    I can definitely see a big difference. Great job!
  • catb58
    catb58 Posts: 239 Member
    Great job! Keep going! :drinker: