Not so New but Needed A Fresh Start.

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These past few weeks have been pure disaster for me. Stressed at work, family, my marriage, financially, and my self confidence.

First and foremost, my name is Karina. I am 22 years old. A mother of one little boy. A wife to an awesome man. I am 5'4 and a heavy 212 pounds.

Long story short:

I have hypothyroidism (not an excuse just makes things harder). I've been overweight since I was 12. I was losing weight when I met my husband back in 2009. I got pregnant, I gained an extra 59 pounds on top of my 170 pound frame from my pregnancy.

Back in 2012 I lost nearly 30 pounds using MFP. Although it wasn't significant, it was progress! At the time I was a stay at home mom. It was easier to say the least.

Since then I've worked full time now part time. I've went to school full time now hoping to start back up in the fall semester. I wasn't making smart choices.

Fast forwarding to now:
Well I quit my last job where I was a Banquet Manager now I'm working at a restaurant where I'm working on becoming a manager. With all of my financial stress I've fallen off the wagon yet again!

I now that eating my stress away isn't the answer. My son will be 5 in November of 2015. I'll be 23 then. I don't want to be fat all of my life. I'm sick of it bringing me down. I'm sick of crying myself to sleep over it.

Would love to have more friends that will help keep me accountable and vice versa.


  • bmendoza1245
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    Hi! I am not so new on MFP as well, been on and off for a few years. I have finally realized that I need friends and support to keep me sane during my weight loss journey! Add me!
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    Feel free to add me, we can both turn over a new leaf as buddies! Stress sucks, hopefully we can help one another cope
  • Luvinfunkyworm
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    Feel free to add me as well!
  • Emerald5671
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    You are doing the right thing to get back on track now. Trust me......I am 43 and it seems harder now to lose weight. Best wishes to you!
  • mrsKOrtiz
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    Thanks everyone!!
  • Emerald5671
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    Add me too if you'd like.....I have hypothyroidism also. It's an added stress which I have been dealing with for a few years now.
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    Friend request sent ????
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    This sounds like my story! 2 years ago after i had my daughter i had lost 30 lbs using mfp and i have pretty much gained it all back becuase i fell off the wagon...i am 5'3 about 211lbs or so and have a lot to lose...feel free to add me for support!! :) I know i need more becuase i keep giving up, even though i know i can do it cuz i lost that 30lbs in 3 months!! But its a hard thing to stick with at first! Good luck and hope you reach your goals soon :)
  • mrsKOrtiz
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    Wow our stories are so much alike. Thanks everyone for all the support!
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    Im always confused when people say their hypothyroidism makes it hard to lose weight. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and the medication I've been prescribed regulates my levels and has no effect on my weight gain. I'm on levythroxine and it basically regulates my thyroid so that is functions like a healthy gland. My advice to you is to double check your levels and make sure you have the right dosage (assuming you are taking medication) so that you arent having to combat with that as well. Its hard enough to lose weight without your own body fighting against you. Of course every case is different, and I wont pretend to know your medical history, this is just my own experience. Hope this helps.
  • mrsKOrtiz
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    Actually I started to take my medication religiously 3 years ago. I'm not excusing my weight gain on my hypothyroidism. I said it makes THINGS harder.
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    Add me if you'd like! I'm 31, trying to lose the baby weight too. I gained it all after he was born! I'm 5'6" and 233. I want to lose about 80 lbs. Changing my life, not just dieting. Wish it were effortless!
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    I'm not so new either, but starting again much like you. Sending you a request!

    Others, feel free to add me as well!
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    Thanks everyone!!