133 lbs down, 11 lbs to go...



  • amysgottadothisthang
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    Amazing!!!! Congats!!!!
  • andeey
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    Well done, you look awesome. Congratulations on your success! =)
  • Char_kan
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    Awesome job! You look amazing! This only shows that if you make an effort to achieve something, great results will appear! Congrats!
  • Watch_Me_Rise
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    You look good man :)
  • etremoi53
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    So impressive! Great dedication and will power.
  • cindybowcut
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    You look awesome. Great job.
  • JulieGirl58
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    Fantastic and congratulations, but to be perfectly honest, you were a handsome man even when you were heavy.
  • HannahLynn91
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    Wow, great job! You look good ;)
  • walterm852
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    That is awesome!
  • LunaZuriel
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    Awesome job! Great work! My new inspiration! =-D
  • psych101
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    Dude - look at you! you look incredible! What an amazing job you have done :flowerforyou:
  • Cerakoala
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    Wow that is awesome :) Congrats'!! You'e almost there :)
  • Artionis
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    Wow! Well done! Have you done any fitness? What was your nutrition like?

    Very impressive!

    Thank you all. Means a lot to me to share this with you all. My nutrition is random for sure lol. When I do the calorie counting, I really just eat whatever I want and just stay under calories. I walked a lot and all that too. But nothing major at all.

    So simple! It really works! Amazing job - kudos!
  • loving_london
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    You look amazing! This is so inspirational to someone like me who is just starting off.
  • trublutopaz
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    That is impressive. Congratualtions!
  • carliekitty
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    awesome job!
  • Bellavita2888
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    You're amazing! Great Job! Very inspirational! What's your story? What worked for you?
  • KameHameHaaa
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    Great job!! You look AWESOME!!

    ETA: Nice beard too :D
  • shopno14
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    Congrats!! Really inspiring. BTW, you look amazing :)
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    Amazing - great job!