Run you clever boy and remember

Who is running a race this year? 5K, 10K, half-marathon, marathon, ultra-marathon, Spartan?
After losing and re-gaining, and then starting to lose weight again, I am now training for my second marathon. I hope to beat my last experience two years ago, which included a near-death experience at mile 17 and an over-all finish time of 4 hours and 12 minutes.
Anyway, if you are running, post your race date here and I will do my darnedest to remember to send you a message of encouragement the night before/day of your race.
For those of you thinking "I could never run a race," just remember, while you may never win a race (I know I never will), you will always finish before those who choose not to get out and run!


  • xcalygrl
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    Good luck on your second marathon!

    So far on the schedule:
    April 12 - Mighty mud dash (complete)
    May 17 - Spartan Super (complete)
    May 18 - Spartan Sprint (complete)
    Sept 6 - 9/11 Heroes 5K
    Sept 21 - Spartan Ultra Beast
    Oct 4 - Mighty mud dash
    Nov 1 - Spartan Beast
  • MarshallLuke
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    HOOO-AH! Look at you, being all amazing and stuff! Go you!
    I will send encouragement before your races! Good luck and kick some butt on those Spartans!
  • MarshallLuke
    MarshallLuke Posts: 177 Member
    I'm bumping this back up because I know some of you are running races this year!
  • snikkins
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    To MarshallLuke: My next big race is my first marathon on Sept. 20. Out of curiosity, when is your second? I'll try to send you a little note of encouragement as well! :flowerforyou:

    To xcalygrl: Wow! Good luck and have fun!

    ETA: The Doctor Who reference was really what caught my attention.
  • kayl3igh88
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    ETA: The Doctor Who reference was really what caught my attention.

    Me too!

    P.S. Good luck to everyone running a race ever! :)

    Love, A Non-Runner :flowerforyou:
  • stuart160
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    Damn, I came here hoping this was a Doctor Who thread....
  • vmisslin
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    Whovians everywhere. :smile: (and really - there's no smiley with a fez? that's a shame)

    Finished my annual 5k race on Sunday with a new PR (7 minutes faster than my two-years-ago best at the Baltimore Women's Classic), so I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to anyone with upcoming races!

    And MarshallLuke, let us know when you're running so we can cheer you on too!
  • Thomasm198
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    Provisional List of races and dates:
    June 28th - 5 mile road race
    July 5th - half marathon
    July 9th - 4 mile road race
    July 16th - 5K road race
    July 20th - 10K road race
    July 27th - 5K road race
    August 4th - Half marathon
    August 23rd - 10 mile road race
    August 24th - 5K cross country
    September 4th - 5K road race
    September 6th - 10K road race
    September 20th - Half marathon
    October 11th - 4 mile cross country
    October 27th - Marathon (my 3rd)
    November 8th - 5 mile cross country
    November 9th - 5K road race
    November 22nd - 6K cross country
    December 6th - 5K road race
  • CodeMonkey78
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    Upcoming -- registered and paid for.. Others will be added if they are interesting enough :)
    06/28: 10.2 Mile road race (this weekend)
    09/20: Half Marathon
    10/04: Marathon
    11/08: Half Marathon
    12/13: Marathon
    12/31: 50k Trail race

    Completed so far:
    04/12: 5k road race (2nd in AG)
    04/26: 5k road race (1st in AG)
    05/26: 10k road race
    05/26: 5k road race
    05/31: Half Marathon Trail Race (3rd in AG)
    06/07: 5k road race (11/305, 1st in AG)
    06/14: 10k road race (3rd in AG)

    Good luck to everyone in your racing seasons!
  • MarshallLuke
    MarshallLuke Posts: 177 Member
    Y'all got some good races coming up and I just know everyone is going to kick some serious butt!
    I am going to put these races in my calendar and do my best to send notes of encouragement for your races!
    And Vmisslin, since you asked, I am running the Cape Cod Marathon on Oct. 26. (I recommend this race to anyone who wants a beautiful seaside and New England-ish race!)

    And for those of you who felt this should have been more Doctor Who-ish, I will have you know that one of my primary training songs is Murray Gold's "I am the Doctor".
  • helyla
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    LOVE the reference...

    August 23rd - TOUGH MUDDER (ahhhhhh)
    October 11th - Electric Run - 5k

    I'm scared of the Tough Mudder but determined to beat it!!!!

  • bethanycopley1980
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    In for the Doctor. <3<3<3
  • LifeOfBrian78
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    In for the Doctor. <3<3<3
  • tlmcint
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    Dr. Who reference is what got me into this thread.. :D I hate running unfortunately
  • navygrrl
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    I also thought this was a Doctor Who thread. :laugh: I'm planning on doing a run later in the fall, but I haven't decided which one yet.
  • knitapeace
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    I love Doctor Who AND I run! But I don't run races. :P I want to get a workout shirt I saw recently that says " the Doctor just told you to."
  • ProfessorOwl
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    Here's what I have planned

    Oct 26 - Halloween Half (Atlanta)
    Nov 8 - Soldier's Marathon (Ft Benning, GA) #4 for me
    Mar 7 - Albany Marathon (GA) #5
  • helyla
    helyla Posts: 162 Member
    I love Doctor Who AND I run! But I don't run races. :P I want to get a workout shirt I saw recently that says " the Doctor just told you to."

    I saw that one too!! I would love to have that shirt!
  • DrWhoodles
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    So far I've done the Mud Factor race in June. I was supposed to do another one, a charity 3k, but storms kept me away - I did end up doing my milage on the treadmill though.

    Upcoming I have a 5k on July 30th and the end of my running class and then a 5k run at the airport down the airstrip in August. Doing another mud run in August as well to celebrate my birthday. Tentative plans for other races but not signed up for anything else at the moment.
  • 23crizzle
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    I don't run. I love Doctor Who! I was a bit disappointed when I opened this thread! Good luck to all of you runners though.